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This week's Weird Culinary Delights(?) of Teacher Julie's GreenBucks had brought out a memory I want to BLOCK. Yes BLOCK, as in "intentional amnesia" hahaha...

What were the worst or weird food (for you) that you have ever eaten? What were your reactions?

A CAT'S MEAT! I want to forget I had ever eaten it. I felt betrayed and abused hahaha! Again, its a memory I want to BLOCK.

Seriously, I was eleven years old back then and my Lola cooked 'adobo' out of it. My Mama and I just came from Baguio and everybody had already eaten lunch. So, just me and my Mama by the table to feast on the 'monggo' and 'adobo'(with only 3 slices of meat left). I spooned the 'adobo' to top my rice and goshhh, it really tastes good like chicken and the meat was so tender.

I was hoping(and praying heheh) that my Mama will leave the 'adobo' and have the 'monggo'. Ohh eem gee, my mom was an angel, she "sacrificed" and "denied" herself from eating the adobo so I could have it all for myself! She ate just the 'mongo'. My prayer was answered, God must really love me!

That night, our Dad asked me and my sisters, "How was the 'adobo' you had for lunch?". We all agreed its the best and Dad told us its a CAT. We were disgusted, betrayed and too late to puke!

My Lola Meding thought there's no harm in trying what our neighbor suggested that cat's meat is good for treating asthma. It was for our two youngest sisters, Jehan and Ica who were always having asthma attacks. It had always been a question to me why they have to let us all eat it! WHY?

'Isu gayam nga'(so that is why) the meat was strangely slimy when swallowed. I only realized that when all was said and done.



Cat meat? Is there even a name for that like azucena for the dog (hehehe).

May I ask if your sisters' asthma got better?

Isu gayam, hehehe, your mom didn't eat because she knew :D

Thanks for sharing this memory and for coming out about it, I had fun reading this and I would like to tell you that I was shocked with what happened.


Heheh. I'm not a dog-eater. Never was. Never will be--again. I hate to say it, but I'd been in your shoes. :D (Thank God for my sister who shared the experience with me!)

Our horrifying experience happened when my sister and I were probably 10 and 7 years old, respectively, and it happened in Guinzadan, Mt. Province. We reached Guinzadan after hiking for a few hours (I forget from where), so we were famished by the time we reached one of my dad's cousins' house. I remember gobbling the oh-so-good fried meat that they served us, all the while disregarding the feeling that I was eating something I never had before. The meat was too tender, I thought. My dad watched us eat but never said anything. Of course! He only told us we just had dog meat after we were rested and, yes, until it was too late to puke! He had a good laugh at our expense. Our shocked look on our faces must've been too much for him to keep a straight face. Grrr...

Of course, we whined and complained. He should've told us! I mean, EWWW! Talk about feeling grossed out, and on top of that, it was a bit maddening not to be warned beforehand and a whole lot embarrassing to know how rabidly we wolfed down the food like it was our first meal in a week. Unfazed and still chuckling, our dad, always the voice of wisdom, simply reminded us how much we enjoyed eating it. Oo nga naman. What cause had we to complain? Ugh! He was right, and that was so much more annoying. lol

Thanks, Lovelyn, for bringing back a memory I, too, hoped to forget forever! LOL


hahaha,we thought it's only us hannah,atleast we're not alone,lol.
nice move sis,"treating asthma"(maybe you have found it just now)hahaha,scapegoat.You have eaten more meat than us,you might have eaten the part of jehan and ica pay,lol,just joking....owwww?


Hi there. Dropping by from Ganda's blog. Anyway, this is the first time I've heard of cat meat being eaten in the Philippines. I think they also eat cats in Korea and China.


Ciao Julie,

Maybe yes hehehe, not because of eating the meat but because they don't want to eat such anymore.

Ciao Hannah,

I can just picture your DAd's face while he reminds you that you enjoyed your meal.

This became a "family story" for us. They always tell me , I ate most of it hahaha.

Thanks for sharing this experience. Like Noeda said, we ain't alone(lol).

Ciao Matsay,

Yeah hahaha, sleek and hip. Oh shusshhh, doesn't matter who ate more, we all ate and that's that hahaha!!

Ciao Will,

They eat in China? Thanks, means nothing strange with eating Cat's meat after all hahaha...

Thanks for dropping by, I'll be adding you on my must clicks, okey? Been meaning to do that for a long time.


Liver!!!Thought it was fried pork chop but it was LIVER!!!It happened a long time ago and the good part, didn't ingest it, knew immediately it wasn't pork. Just the mere mention of "liver" makes me sick, hehe....



Ciao TruBlue,

We should learn from you. If you're not sure what it is, don't eat it.

I love liver or I've learned to like it, I guess. My Dad used to cook it for us to treat anemia. Low blood from my mother's side scares our dad and anything rich in iron - we're asked to eat.

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