Thursday, 25 September 2008


I was tagged by GANDANG IGOROTA here: In Case (and I Thought) You Want To Know

I am: Blogging, waiting for the washing machine to finish, eating dinner and waiting for Boogs to come home from work.

I think: This is "multi-tasking" hehehe...

I know: I am not making sense.

I have: Just put the kids to bed.

I wish: Peace, love and prosperity to all mankind.

I hate: Racism, graft and corruption, self-centeredness and indifference.

I miss: My Dad, my Pa in-law and the whole family back home in the Philippines

I fear: For anything that will in-danger my kids and my family.

I hear: Its almost time to empty the washing machine.

I smell: My lotion.

I crave: For Mangosteen

I search: For the remote control all the time.

I wonder: If there is still a chance for the Philippine Government to eradicate graft and corruption.

I regret: Not taking the CGFNS exam before.

I love: Hugging and tickling my kids.

I ache: For all the maladies in life. Injustices, "misfits of blessings" and pains caused by evil deeds.

I am not: Perfect.

I believe: Love, peace and humility conquers all.

I dance: With my children when my husband sings the "Birdie Song".

I sing: All the time.

I cry: Easily.

I fight: When I know I am right.

I win: When humility sinks in.

I lose: When I keep my pride.

I never: Liked McCain hehehe...

I always: Remind Lukie to eat his food, brush his teeth and stop bugging his little brother.

I confuse: Record from pause... with our video cam.

I listen: To almost everything.

I am scared: For the next generation.

I need: To remind myself to believe that there is always hope for kindness, justice and love to reign.

I imagine: Things will all be fine....

Now I'm passing the tag to Jane, Hannah, Izma and Noeds



Oh no, I've been tagged! lol Thanks for the push to post. :D


Ciao Hannah,

Prego(welcome)! Yeah, start punching those keys.


this is my first tag hehehe. thanks lovelyn. will post real soon.


McCain is a dud! He's a senile bitter old man!

Did you watch the last debate? At one point he said this: "I can win the war in Iraq, I have a SECRET that I can win this war."

My response - granpa, tell the generals and admirals! let's stop the bloodshed and bring the GI's home. Well, seems like he will carry his secret to his grave if he losses, hehe.....

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