Thursday, 15 May 2008


I thought of narrating this entry with Lukie blogging. I have to give it to him, posing for my clicks with out the usual bribe of Haribo or Mentos. Overstimulated(hehehe) by pollens, perhaps.

Here are some or our flower talks and shots. Its the time of the year for it's turn to flourish. If only I could upload all our flower would be "tending" exaggeration(lol) so I forced my self not to.

The flu season gave us a full blow before summer will completely take over. I caught it first when we went to Lukie's Pediatrician for his Medical Certificate (a school requirement before he goes back after his Chicken "Pops"). I thought it was just an allergy (pollen "springs") because at the same day, we went to buy flowers from Natascia. We're all fine now, except for Dylan who's in medication for mild Bronchitis.

Less than ten minutes walk from our home, there's these greenhouses for vegetables and two(greenhouse) were set aside for flowers. Which during spring and summer, they open for business. Its a small flower farm with an aura of - the owner just wants to share her hobby.
I asked Natascia what's the name of her 'negozio'(business) and told her I'll blog about it. "Floricultura Da Natascia", she told me.

She's one SuperMom. Before heading home, it was kind of her to drop all the plants we bought. Then another sack of soil and more plants the next day with her sleek car, a Mercedes Benz, not fit for dirt hehehe.

Natascia amazed me when she lifted the 15 kilos sack of soil from her car and I told her to wait for me as I was coming out of the house. We both laughed when I told her, "mama mia, che forte"(how strong)! She was even sorry for bringing it late because she has to water the plants, go shop for their food and get the kids from school. HooWaa! She's got all the right to be late for me hehehe....

Next post would be our flowers at home. See you there!



Looks like a perfect spring's day!
Brava Natascia!


i got great photos of flowers too during our gala in italy.. reminds me, i need to start tending to our garden too..


Ciao MegaMom,

Yes, it was a perfect day except for the flu after.

E vero(that's right), she's brava.

Ciao Analyse,

Be heading to peep at those flowers after this reply, can't wait to see 'em.

KK aka Tina

Hi Lovelyn, I hope everyone in your family is well. I love the flower shots. I just caught the Spring planting bug, It's good to see your boys appreciate flowers.


I like the flowers, Manang! Very nice photos you got there... Buti na lang at willing magpose ang iyong models hehehe...


I enjoyed the beautiful photos and the shots of your boys.

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