Thursday, 1 May 2008


The first time I visited IZMA in her nook,the Firefly In July, I saw this impressive and awesome video she posted. She's our CPA blogger, by the way, and my sister Noeda's batch at San Jose High School along with Hannah and Jane.

I'm posting your video Izma, a reminder that life goes on... keep on blogging my dear...for Perere.



Dang,sis is right.I'm really sorry for Perere.Hope your fine.


galing. will show this to the girls


Hi Lovelyn,
Thanks for your kind words. I never thought I'd cry river of tears for a dog, but Perere was special. Grief is a price we all pay for love.

Im grateful for people like you who reached out and made me feel better. God Bless!


Ciao Matsay,

She will be...

Ciao Raqgold,

My kids love watching it.

Ciao Izma,

People or dog, losing them hurts.

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