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Here's an environment and health friendly drive which I personally consider as feasible, realistic and inexpensive. A big salute to all the organizers and we're rooting for the movement's success.

'Walk, Baguio, walk' set to be launched
By Ramon Dacawi

A CAMPAIGN that would hopefully convince more Baguio residents to walk the environmental talk -- literally and otherwise -- will be launched on Monday with a flag ceremony and program at the Baguio Athletic Bowl in the morning.

"Walk, Baguio, Walk", as the movement is dubbed, will encourage people to walk to and from work, or take the jeep or taxi, leaving their private or official vehicles at home or office motor pools, initially for at least one day of each month until it becomes a
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wow, that's a good start to protect the environment. sa atin kasi, ang lapit lang, sasakay pa ng tricycle.


Wow! Great shot. You should join camera critters too. I just joined last week. You will meet animal and nature loving folks.

Yes when I'm in Baguio I walk, walk, walk. Even if I eat, eat, eat... I come back 2-4 pounds lighter. I miss Baguio again.


I hope its successful but it is easier to talk than walk the walk.(what?)Complying with emission laws are a joke. They pass anyone in Baguio. The idea of leaving my car at home and riding a smoke belching jeep instead..yes I'd rather walk. Good way to loose the buddah belly. But only around south drive hehe.


My last year at BCF High Session Road years ago, there's four of us (circle of friends), who jumped out of the window next to Assumption Road and we'd walked to Asin for a swim. We did these several times. The walk then was pretty refreshing and cool wind smacking on our faces. Loved those good ol' days. NOW, that's kinda difficult to do with those black diesel smoke belching out of every vehicles. BUT, if most politicians and high ranking government officials take the lead, who knows, the domino effect might be in place.
It would also be a cerebral challenge to those city councilors
who bore the brunt of so much criticisms for wanting a car to visit their constituents. "Uray no idta Hilltop ti bisitaen da ket agkotse da kano", well, that was then, hall to hilltop is walking distance, I reckon...
Whatever is good for the environment, hope it's a collective effort by Baguio Folks.
Cheers to you and goodhealth.
ps: happy b-day to your hubbby and also, what's dinakdakan? Ibaloi specialty?


Ciao Analyse,

A good start indeed! Sana Tuloy-tuloy yun.

Ciao Tina,

Thanks Tina. Husband did the shot and took lots of them but almost all came out blurd. Tapang ng mga birds na to, they come to our terrace and remind us to throw them bread hehehe.

Baliktad naman, me I gain up to 10 pounds tapos buntis na after pagbalik(lol).

Ciao Russel,

Wow ang layo naman nung South Drive hahaha...

We're crossing our finger for it's success.

Ciao Trublue,

That's quite far but sounds fun! I bet todays younsters can't walk that far for a swim hehehe...Got me thinking where do and what do you guys eat? For us before during our Community "duty", coke and SkyFlakes would do at the stores along the road.

Its a project "authored" buy the "author". Hope it will work.

THat "car" proposal was funny and st%$=£"/...can't say more, key board ain't participating hehehe...

Dinakdakan is an Ilocano dish. HEad parts of the pig with raw onions and ginger. Pig's brain makes it taste better.


yeah!good start and hope Baguio people have unity for this Walk 'coz we all love Baguio!


If there's any place in the Philippines where it would not be such a chore to walk, that would be in cool Baguio.

Was there again recently and I noticed that you can't enjoy walking outside in cool weather anymore because of the many vehicles that emit their foul gases. So much for the scent of pines.

I laud this initiative!

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