Monday, 5 May 2008


It had been raining today after teasing us with a sunny and cool week end. Our weather is undecided if it wants to be spring or a "displaced autumn". It should have started to warm up last month but was gloomy and the rain falls most of the time.

My family can't wait for summer, so, we dragged the season last Sunday. It must be the sun, everyone was out like thieves taking advantage of the freedom from the verge of a long winter.

These are some of the reasons why we are all rooting for the warm and bright sun to finally make up it's mind and stay. And, we all did and had it last Sunday.

Barbecue which Lukie associates with "festa"(party). He will ask whose birthday it is every time the grill is smoking. He also adds, "are we having friends?"

Little Dylan gets the bone and he stays quiet savoring every grease hehehe...

Spring cleaning slows down blogging and these has to be painted before hanging the geraniums.

Our walks at the beach specially moon watching at night. Just don't mind the sand on the bed so rough even though every one took a bath before jumping in.

At least Dylan knew now that the 'sabia' (sand) is not edible. Unlike last year, you can hear him with that 'eeky' sound grinding it with his teeth.

More outdoor activities for the kids to help mamsy and papsy shake off those fats.

One of the best part... for Lukie(lol)... is the 'gelato' (ice cream). Strawberry ding-dang doo, chocolate and stracciatella, YUM- YUMmmm.

Dylan says he wants ice cream too as he cries with out tears and turns green like Incredible Hulk.

Lukie and his fading chicken "pops" doesn't want to share his "icy" saying, "Dylan is still a little boy, he doesn't know!"

You can't get enough of so many things to do this coming months. Then it just passes so fast and you'll never know, winter is here again.



The barbecue looks so yummy! I love that photo of Dylan.


i love gelato :D and the best are those in lago maggiore, hehehe and yep, we've also welcomed the grill season just like you. the kids love spareribs, too. hindi ba malamig pa ang tubig? brrrr


whoops, i hope my comment went thru :D anyway, spring time parang summer time na ano?

KK aka Tina

Yehey! It's warm again. The ribs look good :) and your boys are having a great time. We actually grilled all Winter long, never mind us freezing our buns off. Nah, it wasn't a cold winter.

Love all the photos, specially of the one with the hot mama ;) .


Ciao Geri,

Yep, it was yummy! Makes you forget your fat intake.


Ciao Raqgold,

Malamig pa nga e but there re so many people swimming na. Di ko pa kaya...sign of aging daw yung madaling ginawin hehehe...

Yeah, feels like summer already.

Ciao Tina,

Oo nga, it was not a cold winter. We didn't even have a heavy snow. Lukie had been 'makulit' on when he'll make a snow man. He'll try his luck next winter.

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