Tuesday, 27 May 2008


Teacher Julie, one of Philippines' and Pinoy Moms Network's successful blogger, launched a new site she calls GreenBucks. I received an invite from her to join her "Weekly Question For Your Post". The title speaks for itself and participants are privileged to blog "however" they want it. Isn't that a good idea for us who sometimes can't think of anything to write?

Here's the question for this week:

If you are married would you know if your husband is reading your blog?
If you are in a relationship, would you know if your partner is reading your blog?


What a timely question from Weekly Question For Your Post. Wondering why Teacher Julie's first has "the husband" on it? Unaware or not, maybe it only shows that love comes number one above all.(Deng, getting gooey again over here hehehe...) Well, I like the idea if my guess was right.

Back to why its timely. Il Oumo(man)(obviously my husband hahaha...) turned 34 last Saturday, May 24 and we had the celebration last Sunday, the 25th. For the record, he insists he is 33 so that he'll be a year younger than me but I'm up for a big protest if he'll keep insisting(laugh,laugh).

Oumo had to work night shift on his birthday. He came home the next day saying its one of his worst night at the hotel. He was locked out, his zip was irreparable and one mishap leads to another. Poor husband of mine, misfortune didn't end even when he joined me on bed for a short sleep that morning. I told him I already "made" his 'Dinakdakan', one of the dishes we'll serve our family and friends later that day.

I did most of the cooking Saturday night leaving the husband's "territory" which is the grill and the 'dinakdakan'. Thinking he would be very tired from work, I convinced him that I'll just boil the meat for the said dish and he'll do the rest. Goshh... the pig's ear came sloppy and over cooked.

Panic... Midnight, I was grilling the "ruined remains"(lol) of the dinakdakan's meat. Sliced it in strips and ready for the raw onions, ginger and other ingredients. "Kunak gamin nga siak yan"(see, I told you so), the Oumo said and that doused the humor of AGING. No pictures and video to mark the year of having an obstinate wife.

Before I write ten pages and tell you how I marinate my barbecue, to answer Teacher Julie's first question...Yes, the Oumo reads my blog. How do I know? Most of the time I make him to, for grammar purposes(ssshhh...subtle way of dictatorship hehehe). Better yet, if he tells me tomorrow, I should have not written this, then he is really reading my blog!




belated happy birthday to hubby! and my hubby dont really read my blog pero pinagmamalaki nya yung blog ko sa mga tao, hahaha.


Belated Happy Birthday to your husband, Lovelyn. At least, his birthday was memorable. Someday, you are gonna laugh about that I'm sure.

I had fun reading your post and I am intrigued with Dinakdakan. Hmmm...I got to read about this. Parang sisig ba ito?

I have emailed the second question. No rush, you can take your time.

Thanks and take care!


Happy Birthday to your Boogie. Sayang I wasn't there, I would have invited myself to his celebration for the dinakdakan.

What a day for him but I hope better days ahead.


Belated happy bday to manong Boogs. She dont read my blog but she has definitely been spying on me on the forums. hehe. Only tasted dinakdakan once. Yun ba yun may mayonnaise?


Ciao Raq,

Thanks, in behalf...
Yun ang importante di ba, feel nyang ipagmalaki hehehe...

Cia Julie,

Memorable nga, for a change ikan nga hehehe.

Parang sisig pero may luya tsaka di ginigisa sa huli at di nilalagyan ng sili.

Be working on the next one, thanks.

Ciao Tina,

Oh yeah, I'm sure it would be fun if you were here!hehehe...You never know, we might be one of these days.

Caio Russel,

Bet she has all the reason to hehehe...halaka ta!

Thanks daw ading, he said he is lossing hair but gaining a forehead...you know what I mean...

Nilalagyan ng iba ng mayonnaise pero kami hindi. Pig's brain dapat ang nilalagay . Antaba na nga tapos may mayonnaise pa -aysus double pang pa highblood.


Belated HBD to your oumo!

Mmmm... dinakdakan! Hehehe, gosh Lovelyn, at least you tried. I take it for granted here kasi we have it every now and then.

Julie, it's closer to tokwa't baboy (but no tokwa and toyo). It's not sizzled/fried.

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