Tuesday, 3 June 2008


What's slowing our blogging lately? A lot! "Tolerate" the topic that just popped out as I am writing this. Thoughts brimming of "must do" decided to do the list. Might be of help, as I'm close to getting loony.

1. Permit Of Stay to be retrieved tomorrow.

2. Dylan's smaller and lighter carriage.

3. 4(mine,his and kids)summer wardrobes.

4. Packing for our get away HERE.

5. Confirm our stay HERE.

6. Loads to iron.

7. How to pack Dylan's food to our 2 days TREAT for him and Lukie.

8. Train tickets.

9. First year anniversary of this blog.

10. Lukie's graduation from 'Scoula Materna'.

11. Stuff for dry cleaning.

12. Dad's eye intervention.

13. The usual chores and duties

14. More......and more but I'll stop now before you'll give me that yawn.

15. Pray for me hehehe...


KK aka Tina

Wowee! Enjoy your vacation Lovelyn and family. I'm sure you will come back with lots of pictures for us :) .

You'll survive the chores. I have a whole load of ironing too. I stopped ironing house clothes already.


good luck! he he... hmmmn lookin' forward to viewing your pics on your "treat" to Lukie and Dylan.Am sure Supermommy would think of something practical and creative in packing little Dy's baon...regards and enjoy the summer!


Man thats alot of chores!!! yikes that just makes me look lazy. Enjoy the trip and hope you guys relax a bit.


Ciao Tina,

Thanks. Hope we won't forget the camera or the memory card ...it happened once.

Yeah, I will...positive thinking hehehe... Me too, not the house clothes anymore. But, there's still a lot.

Ciao Dyanis,

Thanks Insan. Looks like I'll be needing that luck hahaha.

The "baon is really a hassle. We have to book rooms with mini bar(fridge). Dylan still eats his baby food and also quite picky.

You too and the whole fam, enjoy the summer!

Ciao Russel,

Grazie. Yes we will, para sulit yung bayad.

Lazy? Seriously, really?hehehe


have fun! ako dami ko ring lista but i dont bother to list them, or else i wont have time to blog and blog hop, am procrastinating, i know!


you're going to verona or are you back home na? was in verona with my hubby in 2001, very romantic place, feeling ko romeo and juliet kami :D hope you had fun!


Ciao Raq,
Yeah, its better not to do the list sometimes hehehe.

We're home na. Gardaland is actually in Verona. It was raining so we only went to places near the hotel. Husband and I had been hanging around Verona when Lukie wasn't born yet and yeah, Romeo and Juliet's place as well. Hayyy...ngayung may bata, amusement park na ang pinupuntahan :-)

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