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We joined Teacher Julie's Greenbucks and had our first answer to her weekly question here: MY SAY FOR JULIE'S QUERY . For this week, here's another "timely" spot where my mood would fit :-) .

WEEKLY QUESTION 2: Let's say it IS possible to have that one chance to be another person for a day, who would you choose to be and why?


Quoting Christopher McCandless, "I'll be fine with what I've got.", I love being Lovelyn. But, what's the thrill of joining a game when you don't get to play. So, if I were given the chance to be another person for a day, it would be the same person I quoted above - Christopher McCandless. Why?...because I want to understand fully what it means to be truly FINE WITH WHAT I'VE GOT when people are HURT because of LOVING ME.

Chris was a 23 year old young man who gave up wealth, his promising future, his family and friends in search for real happiness. Wandered and walked embracing his idealism of which freedom has no bounds, not even time, space and anything that modernization dictates a man to have and do.

I believe in what Chris' wants to prove but from a mother's perspective, It will kill me a thousand times. Losing a son and worst, the uncertainty whether he is alive or dead would be unbearable.

Our children will spread their wings and will fly on their own someday. To which direction and how they'll set forth will be "influenced" by the "home" we gave them. What they see and feel from us - our marriage, how we discipline them, how we deal with money and all material things and how we run and keep relationships will neither give security or break them. I hope I am doing the right thing and someday be strong to give them support to what ever they want to decide their life would be.

Read the story here: Into The Wild - The Story of Chris McCandless by Jon Krakauer. It was made into a film directed by Sean Penn: INTO THE WILD .

Then, on July 3—the day after a journal entry that reads, "Family happiness"— Chris tried to go back but was trapped with the raging river and later met the end of his fate. From all his search, he had come to write, "Happiness only real when shared".



Lovelyn, you made me cry with your post. Thank you so much, not just for playing but for sharing the wonderful link :)

God bless and till the next one :)


Oh, so true!


Watched the film a few months back since it was a true story, my cup of tea. Agree about your sentiments of protectiveness of our children and it's downright sorrowful when they get to be on their own. There's been a few analysis or conjectures of his demise but I firmly believed it was due to starvation, pure inexperience and youth combined of the unforgiving wilderness of Alaska.
Cheers and goodhealth.

Btw, "The Great Debater" is out and it should earn "Oscars", based on a true story. Am sure you'll enjoy it.


Hmmm... I read of a similar story in Chicken Soup for the Soul for Moms ata un hehehehe...

Yes, God bless sa child-rearing. U r right! Ur influence would surely be a big factor in your children's lives for better or worse, but I think for better naman siguro :D


Hi Lovelyn,
Your boys are lucky to have a mom like you. I will have to come back to read the links. Take care.


Ciao Julie,

I thought I'm just having PMS, made me cry too.

Ciao Izma,

I keep on playing the over and over. Really true.

Ciao Trublue,

You're right. He doesn't even have a map and according to the book there is a passage up hill if the river gets big.

We just watched the The Great Debaters Today. We loved it and it reminded me of my debating days back in high school hahaha...

It was produced by Oprah, isn't it? My eldest was named after Denzel Washington.

Ciao Layad,

I hope so too...for the better kuma garud.

Good to hear from you again!

Ciao Tina,

I hope that's true. When my eldest answers back and doesn't obey, I sometimes think, I'm not doing well enough.

You too, take care.


Believed he had an antiquated map like those "tear down" from newspapers which wasn't much of a help. It gives me goose-bumps to even think "what if my son or my grandson" died like that.....
My Kumare, former Josie B, a Baguio Ibaloi was our debater during my two years at UB, tried to get in but absolutely NO ONE was interested in my antics, which in retrospect was a gigantic loss, hehe....joke...
Denzel is a unique name, he is one of my favorites along with Morgan Freeman, watched most if not all of their films. Yep, Ms Oprah financed the film.
Cheers and goodhealth.

There's an older movie I highly recommend if you can find it there,
The Japanese Story, it's fiction and the setting was in Western Australia at the Perth outback. It's best not to read the preview but the movie was so humorous early on, then to drama, then spirals down to absolute tr----y. Love movies like this, expect the unexpected.


Kakaiyak naman yan Lovelyn...

Been behind in my bloghopping so I've totally missed out on Julie's questions. I've not realy ever pondered this question.

I don't think I want to be this guy - his story is tragic. I want to be the one who was able to come back and celebrate, beyond rhetoric, what true happines is.


Ciao MegaMom,

Kakaiyak nga e.

Yeah, tragedy is sad. I prefer happy ending too. That's
why I want to understand why he did it even though he is hurting the people who love him.


Ciao Trublue,

"... tried to get in but absolutely NO ONE was interested in my antics, which in retrospect was a gigantic loss, hehe...." hehehe nice one! My favorite teacher once said, "in every joke, there's always a truth in it." Oh, he was always right...

Been trying to download The Japanese Story but its with a link incompatible with LimeWire. Well look for another source or host and I'll get back on commenting about it.


Try downloading just "Japanese Story" without the "The". Maybe it will do the trick.

"Bucket Lists" was out two weeks ago and it sure pretty hilarious!
Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson.

Cheers and goodhealth.


Ciao Trublue,

Still haven't downloaded Japanese Story, it is protected and of no avail for the moment. I'll try that of Morgan Freeman after this.

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