Wednesday, 5 March 2008


Sorry but, I just can't - "not" show you my excitement over our soon to be salad 'Camote'(sweet potato) tops(lol). Bought the 'Camote' for 'Bilo-bilo'and forgot about it in the pantry. It sprouted after weeks in "hiding" hehehe. I soaked it in a bowl of water and now, its growing out of hand in our kitchen. Hope to transfer 'em in pots soon. Something to look forward to this coming spring till summer - these with tomatoes, lemon juice and 'bagoong'.



nice, inggit me! know what, my mom always grew camote just like in your pics and let it hang by her kitchen or salas as her decoration... then she likes it when visitors come to our house and be curious about it... some would just be puzzled staring at it and others would touch it and say, "Ay camote gayam agpayso daytoy, mayat ah!".
was actually planning to buy some to soak, months ago but am afraid it might not work because of the cold weather (for me to decorate in my kitchen in time for spring) . till i saw your pictures, inggit ako!... must go to the store now....byeeee...he he.


Ciao Dyanis,

Mabalin pay humabol hehehe. Grows easy and fast, kakatuwa. "Ay camote gayam agpayso daytoy...!" made me smile and I could imagine their curious looks(lol) and your mom's pride in growing 'em.


waaah, miss ko na camote..dokto...tagal na ako d nakakain niyan...the camote looks good ateng sa ur decor...wheew!pangdecor na, pagkain pa!


Ciao Jane,

Anu fi, double purpose garud.


ows, it's my first time to see camote in pots and with them hanging like my mind are the camotes on the ground :) glad we have lots of them here. oh yeah,salad out from it is one of how we cook it too.hubby loves it with bagoong. try adding the lasuna (pink and small onions) and young ginger sliced in tiny strips.yayks, aglawlawayak ketdin tsk! instead of lemon, we use vinegar and add sili friend naman uses patis, not bagoong. can do the same with other leafy veggies too. enjoy the meal out from it.
lovelyn, don't forget to eat w/o spoon and fork para mas feel, ahihihi.


Ciao Jane,

Yum-yum! I'll try it with the lasona. Husband and I love fresh onions and pepper.

Camote is seasonal here, during autumn and early months of winter. No Camote tops. Taiwanese eat the tops too.

KK aka Tina

Wow! Thanks for the great idea Lovelyn! I have kamote sprouting here and I usually throw them out. I would really like to grew them for decoration and tops. :)


Ciao Tina,

After soaking them and those vines grow, you can transfer two seedlings per pot with soil. I did it two years ago and it worked. From one camote(soaked), you could actually grow a lot.

Bill Bilig

Hey, Ganda has a similar picture like that in her blog. I think she got busy and didn't pay attention to her camote in the kitchen and so it just sprouted like that and grew :-)


Ciao Bill,

Really, Ganda must be very happy looking at it.


Naimas nga ensalada! reminded that I have to post soon on my auntie's sinanglao...:)


Ciao MegaMom,

Wen garud, sabay grilled fish or dried fish.

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