Tuesday, 11 March 2008


Women from "The Triangle Factory Farm"

I've read last year from "Italian's Insight to Travel Italy" about the origin of International Women's Day and totally forgot about it. Then for my post last Saturday, I stumbled on the same piece as I was googling for the name of the yellow flower we, 'donnas', receive on our "feast". With out confirming the facts, except for the biography of Rosa Luxemburg, I included the highlight of his story.

I became curious if not obsessed on the details of these women's tragic death after replying on the comments to my previous entry. It first lead me here: A History of International Women's Day"We Want Bread and Roses Too". How, where and when women from different generations worked for a common goal - to have a voice, to be heard and be recognized.

My further readings landed me to The Triangle Factory Fire . A documentation of the Triangle Waist Company in New York City referred by the blog I linked earlier. Though some corrections are necessary, I will leave you to do that.

Workers of the factory



Women have come along way in some places, but in others, they strill suffer through the same injustices. Thanks a lot for your eye-opener Lovelyn. Happy IWD to you!


So very true MegaMom, still a lot out there suffering. Its so sad to hear about them.

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