Friday, 7 March 2008


On our first year here in Italy, my husband's co- worker "educated" him about today's feast. He told him that its called "PESTE LE DONNE" which means "WOMEN ARE PESTS". For six years now, that's what pops in my mind when this day comes.

March 8 for the Italians is consistently observed. Its "FESTA DELLA DONNA"(International Women's Day). Yellow flowers or the famous Mimosa flowers found on the painting above will pamper the ladies. Its also being given away by some business establishments and supermarkets. Offices too or any work place to their lady workers.

This celebration originated from New York in March of 1908 when workers of a cotton cloth plant went on strike. Complains of working conditions encouraged their outcry. The fight lasted for several days until the owner of the plant was overturned. He closed and locked all of the doors and exits then set fire to the plant. Burned to death, all the 129 women inside. From this tragedy, a proposal by Rosa Luxemburg that this day be marked as an annual celebration at the same time to go on protest for what this women fought for - their rights.

I'm sure my husband's workmate before haven't heard the story why this day is being remembered, it makes him the "PEST" after all!hahaha...Yeah, he was just joking. Duh!...So am I!



a day to protest? c'mon women protest every 10 minutes. hehehe. Ohh boy im gonna hear it now.


oh so that's today.Hubby keeps on asking me the other day and told him,"basta March a".
Buona Festa allora sorella!

jane 101

happy women's day lovelyn! shouldn't we have it daily esp for fulltime moms? ahihihi


Ciao Rubba,

Wait till your girls could talk, your 10 minutes will turn to seconds! hahaha

Ciao Matsay,

Auguri din sayo! Saw the flowers being sold a day earlier. I didn't know too if not because of those.

Ciao Jane,

Likewise, Bouna Festa to you too! Hehehe, oo nga everyday. Then men will do the protesting every 10 seconds(lol).


Quite tragic. Wish the owner burnt as well.

Maybe for fun, men should just go out sometimes and cry out loud that "women are pests", hehehe....
well, sometimes.



Ciao Trublue,

That "sometimes" is like what, every other day? Hahaha Or worst, like Rabba's - every 10 minutes hehehe...

KK aka Tina

I haven't known about the origin of International Women's Day until now, that's is very bloody.

I think it really depends on the experience of the person on how the perceive women. Some people think they are the best creatures on Earth while some just think of them as pests.

Happy Woman's Day!


Bloody it is Tina! I've read it last year and forgot about it. Then stumbled on the article again when I was googling for the name of the yellow flower.

For me, how we perceive women is influenced by how our own family consider and treat them.

Bill Bilig

So this is the story behind Women's Day. All the while I thought it was the United Nations that declared March 8 as women's day. I didn't realize that there's a richer (and sadder) story behind it. Thanks.


Ciao Bill,

The "source" must have mess up with the dates though. Refer to my new post. But, I agree with him, it was the owner who torched them.


cheers to all women.. women are pests, tama ba yun?

ps: i like your camote plant, ma-try nga din sa bahay hehe


Tama pag may PMS hehehe! Big no for me but if women are pests, then God must be punishing men(lol).

Thanks, try mo then lets suggest "Camote Parade" for PMN's next theme hehehe...

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