Wednesday, 15 July 2009


This is my sister's first piece in her newly created site, Julenica’s Blog.

Wow!!This is it! I am actually posting a blog. I have always wanted to publish one but I was afraid some might laugh at my grammar and other things that an insecure person would think. But after calling my dad this morning, I’m inspired to write. This is my first entry so, this “should” be good.Haha!

Actually, I have already posted it this morning. But, because of my ignorance in blogging, I have saved it somewhere and I spent so many hours searching where it is. So, I have to write another one..huh!!!

You can’t imagine what I've been through just by writing it. And now, I have to start it all over again. Going back with my dad, well you see, I was not really comfortable with my dad when I was a kid because I grew up with my grandma not until she died.

I can feel that my dad was really trying to reach out to me but I was so aloof. I only became really close to him when I was in college. He’s a great dad, i can’t say otherwise. He is selfless when it comes to his family. Today is his birthday.

Lets see, I have given him a shirt last year, another shirt to his last-last birthday hmmm…I guess I had always given him a shirt.. Why didn’t I notice that?

And now, I was not able to send one. But even if I hadn’t, I know that my dad is happy and contented with my gift this time. It is the best gift a child could ever give. I just said, “happy birthday dad a, take care of yourself” and repeated it many times because I can’t think of other things to say. And before passing the phone to my sister, with my surprise i just said, “I Love You dad”. There was a long pause before he said it too.

I know that he was surprised with what I have just said because ever since, I have never said these words to him and that’s what hurts me most. Although he knows how I love him, I have never actually said it.

My tears kept on pouring after that call. I felt so bad because for all these years, why only now? But, at the same time thankful that at least, I have said it rather than haven’t said it at all. Now I know, I have given him my greatest gift.



thanks Jehan for the post and sis for the re posting,hehe,tama ba yon.
Sha have a new post,i cried last night when i've read it.


Ciao Sis(like we didn't see each other a while ago lol)... You said "Sha" hahaha, si Jhe met numan a...

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