Saturday, 22 August 2009


"Off to the beach in an hour. Third time to watch the longest fireworks in the whole world. A 13 kilometer of synchronized blustering sounds and enchanting shower of sparks display." This is what I posted on my Facebook shout out last night before we left home.

Dylan and Lukie were playing with the sand before the fireworks started. I told them to come seat next to me or they'll miss the first launch. Oh, lately, my kids seem to listen the fifth time I tell them something. They might have gotten it from someone else hehehe... Then they tell me I'm 'makulit' if they'll finally do what I say... Then again, if I say something once and they missed it, they blame me cause I should have told them a dozen times...

Booom! The firecracker started to "roar". Dylan docked on the sand for his precious life. And startled Lukie, didn't know if he'll run to me or on the sunbed he was suppose to sit!
I told them its soon going to start, didn't I?

Maybe next year or when Dylan will not cling to me anymore, I can get better shots. My little one enjoyed it while I was covering his ears. He was mumbling words I can't figure but I know what he was saying was simply, "WOW"!

People applauded 5 times thinking it was the finale. It was better this year. Funny how me and Lukie would say, "that's new", every after an awesome blast, which we're sure, it wasn't used the previous years. Click our old post for this event:
Beach On Fire and BEACH ON FIRE 2008.


Jane 101

Ditto with how many time we talk to our kids before they listen. Talagang magiging makulit tayo nito. The thing pa is that when I talk nicely to my lil girl, she just stares at me or ignore me even if I say it more than once. Only when I raise my voice does she listens, hay!

So it's your third year already and it's your 3rd post about the beac fireworks. Wow, time flies so fast. Your blog will (or is it already) be 3 years old already. Keep on writing but always remember to click save lol.


ciao jane,

so true with raising your voice. gosh, i really need to shout before they'd listen then they'd make me feel guilty afterwards.

my blog is only two years old. "beach on fire" was one of my first 5 entries in 2007. but, that didn't feel like 2 years, it was like months.

as i told flynn, signs ti bumaket isunga malipatan ti "save".

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