Saturday, 15 August 2009


I'm not sure if it was in Oprah's Show, where I first came to know, about this idea of finding "the five people" who made a difference in your life and tell them, "thank you". With the exemption of immediate family of course, they will always be the first on the list. You can do it through letters or by simply uttering these two words. Then like a chain, request these five persons to do the same.

He or she could be your teacher, an author, a dear friend, an enemy etc... Some might even be a total stranger, a passers by, yet they had taught you a life lesson you will forever cherish.

I really love the idea. Not only that you'll make someone happy, but also the positive aura of contributing something good in this world.

Lucky are those who were able to find their heroes. Their exemplars who could still hear their words, who could still feel the joy and see what they have become. Some are not lucky enough and their "thank yous" were left hanging on air longing to be heard. I will forever feel sorry for my self if I will not grab the chance to say mine.

My husband wrote a piece for her ailing teacher, Mrs. Clarita Sumahit, in this article: My Morrie. Me and my sons thank her too for the great help he once gave to the most significant person in our life who said in his "The Weaver Fish" this phrase, "....that life brings us all sorts of pain. And that we learn from our sufferings, we grow from our agony, we endure the wretchedness even though it would mean that we might loose the ones we love".

In my own little way, I'd like to start saying how grateful I am to these "5 people": Sir Ren, Manang Marlene, My best friend Brenda, Emilio and Auntie Gloria. A letter for each one of you, I hope to compose.



Very insightful post, Lovelyn -- as always. :)

Several years ago, I was challenged to thank my creditors every month, by writing 'Thank you' notes on the checks I sent them to pay my bills. I was scornful of the idea at first -- who wouldn't be?! -- but after writing my first grateful check, understanding began to take root. One of the...revelations, if you will, was that by saying thank you, I was essentially changing my relationship with my creditors from a depressing creditor-debtor relationship to a more comfortable partnership. I was thanking them for doing their part of the transaction, and I was happy to do mine!


That's really a "very nice" thing to do. Which to some, would consider it a nut case. Who sends a grateful check when you're to take money out of your pocket. Oh well, only the BRAVE, HUMBLE and WISE PEOPLE do that.


I have read 5 People you meet in heaven and of course, it was a certified tearjerker.

How are you dear, I miss you :)


Miss you too Teacher Julie!

Read that book too and had forgotten I did. My husband's father forgot it in his plane going home when he came to visit us the last time.

Na extra ang Philippines sa book with the little girl at the last part no?

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