Tuesday, 4 August 2009


A miracle happened for us today!

Only me and my husband, plus of course the proprietor of our home, knew that finally our windows will be changed before the winter comes. First, let me tell you why this is close to a "phenomenon".

I don't exactly know what year our village was built but it was owned by a rich family with two children, a boy and a girl. Its a summer resort back then with a pool, tennis court, a football field, basketball court and 4 concrete ping pong tables. By the way, all these sports facilities and a children's park still exist and are well maintained by an agency. It has 32 apartments and a bungalow duplex which one of it is our unit.

When the parents died, the siblings, who already have a family of their own, divided the property. The brother sold all his share because they were always arguing about the profits of the resort. The sister wanted to buy all of it but to annoy her, he disposed the apartments to other people. So now, the sister owns only half of the rented houses in this village.

Bad blood was never resolved even after the brother died. A rot that made their children and grandchildren swore they're not related at all .

Our proprietor, the sister, is almost in her senile stage now, so everything is being managed by her eldest daughter Cristina. Sorry to say that we see all the reasons why the older brother reproached her sister. Our leaser is selfish and 'furba'(cheat/trickster). They don't care about their tenants, all they care is the money they accumulate.

Many renters had come and go because the rent is too expensive made worst by the gas bill that reaches to a thousand euros for less than 3 months. The owners don't care because there's always a taker entranced by the luxury and beauty of the place.

The ideal consumption of gas should be half the amount we're paying if the landlord will change the windows that are made of candy glasses. Because again, its suppose to be livable only for summer. The heater automatically switches off when it reaches it's ideal temperature and re-ignites when it gets cold. Not for us, 'e sempre acesso'(its always on). Same complain every year among the tenants that Cristina shrugs off when she comes for vacation here in their big ancestral home next to our village.

Last week, Cristina knocked for the "usual" reason, the yearly increase of rent. And as "usual", she talks fast and won't give you a chance to utter a word then would hurriedly leave.

This time, I asked her to please get inside and could we please talk. Excusing herself with the usual that the dog is pulling her(which why in the world she needs to bring her dog all the time when she can leave it at home). I went out and followed her and told her these in Italian:

"Signora, we're not bad people. We work hard to pay the rent on time. In our almost 6 years of stay here you never had a problem with us. I say this yearly and I'll try to say it again, maybe you will give it a chance. Our gas bill reached a thousand euros again and that's only for three months."

She cut me off with: "Italy is really expensive with everything shooting up" but I said, "No, signora. You know there's something wrong in this house, its the windows!" and I told her that people from the 'commune'(municipal office) came to check our home(a requirement for non Italians when applying for a job) and agreed about the 'finestra'(window).

I pushed my luck and sincerely said, "You are a mother too, you don't want your children to get cold. Same reason why we leave our heater on even though that would mean nothing will be left from our salary. 'Per piacere' (please) just a little bit of consideration, besides, this is your house, what ever you make out of it, its still yours".

I guess I hit her spot, it slowed her and she went around to count the windows and told me she'll be going back to Bologna(their residence) and will talk with her mother about this. Then assured me she'll be back in days to tell me how it went.

Today, Cristina came with the 'operai'(workman) and took the measurements of our windows. She showed him around and told him all I've stated here as to why its costing us a lot. She left the man and told him to come to their house after the job.

Exhilarated with the good news, I told the 'operai', "this is a miracle!". He said, he can imagine our dilemma. Then I asked him if they will do all the 17 apartments including the homes of our 4 Filipino neighbors. He shook his head and spoke, "tsk, tsk... mi dispiace per loro, solo tua (I'm sorry for them, its just yours)". It made me feel bad and don't know if this calls for a celebration or not.

Nevertheless, It pays to speak with utmost sincerity, lay down your cards and tell the truth. Damn if they listen, damn if they don't... that's what I have learned and thankful for these episode.



Congratulations, Lovelyn. I say that was a job well-done. :) I'm happy for you. Allow yourself to celebrate your triumph. (Grab that party hat!) For all you know, you just dropped the pebble that precedes the avalanche. :D Good luck to the other tenants.


How's the work on the windows? Nalpasen ba?

I've been wondering if your landlord has started hearing from the other tenants. I hope they take your example and stand up for themselves, too.


Ooops, sorry Hannah, this comment almost escaped my compulsive "replying"(even photo comments with simply, "nice" on it, I give them a "paragraph" hahah).

The windows will be changed on the 20th of Oct. Almost everyone is in holiday, work men are all in vacation(polluting the beach lols).

2 tenants learned about it and they can't find the "signora".

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