Friday, 6 March 2009


In this photo, my third sister Irish is with our step-mom, Auntie Zabeth. It was taken during her wedding, December 2008. Irish is the last of my five siblings to get married. Noeda (another sis) sent me a text that our newly wed sister and her husband, Do', are 6 weeks pregnant. Best wishes to them both and congratulations also to Irish for passing the recent Nurses' Board exam!

When we were kids, during some week ends, my Dad would ask us to sing one by one after dinner. Just like what their father used to do. Irish sang or did a Rap of 'Mga Kababayan Ko'(by Francis Magalona, bless his soul). Me and my other sisters were hiding our giggles. Sure, we also do Rap but not in front of our father who grew with the music of Nat King Cole or Elvis Presley.

Laughter could no longer be contained. So we, the cruel sisters, let it out. Poor Irish cried. Then we stopped. The room stood silent and Dad got angry at us.

Daddy, who is disappointed with his other daughters, tried to console Irish. "May kadi, ituloy mo! Mayat et yan (Come on, continue. Its really good)", he said. Then he also started to Rap, "Mga Kababyan ko... Dapat lang malaman nyo...Ako ay Pilipino..." Irish with her widest smile, showing her perfect white set of teeth, started her "song" all over again.

P.S. This is OT. Nursing Board Exam November 2008 Topnotcher, Jovie Ann Alawas Decoyna, was Irish's class and group mate. According to my sister Jovie is not only academically superb but also a very good person. "She's not selfish to help when you didn't understand the lesson" Irish said on the phone. Its just amazing! A real Igorota from Bakun Benguet, "the cream of the crop"... what an honor to our humble tribe!



manang isn't it Elvis Presley. The other Priestly is Jason from 902ten. uyyyy. Im more into Johny Depp from 21 Jump St. Your capacity to store detailed memories is bery amazing.
That would have been a fun wedding to have witnessed.


Ciao Rubba,

Edit ko na, grazie. Its the spelling check of this PC ang maka Jason. Uy ako rin no 21 Jump Street but I also watch Beverly Hills hehehe.

Just those memories of my younger years, I remember really well. Nung medyo oldy na, kinalawang.

We were not satisfied with the pix, its by Babes. They were charged 25K(not sure if that's with the video), naku maiinis ka. You should have done better. Sayang.


Congrats to the newly weds.

I've attended two weddings in my lifetime. Not my cup of tea. Can't stand the blah, blah, blahs and the vows, till death do us part, etc...the whole thing in offense.

Congrats also to the Bakun girl. Half a million nurses will be needed in the US during the next 10years, that's the forecast. Hope she makes it abroad.


Ciao TruBlue,

Ahihi, that's you. Just like RD but not with the vows, its the crowd and the spending for such a feast.

BTW, we, the girl's side did not spend on this wedding. They (man's side) insisted to cover it all up. We gave our share or gift - for them to use "after" their wedding because that's where the "real story" of marriage starts. No offense to my 'bayaw's' family but our Igorot side is not into this lavish or waayyy overboard spending. I better stop there before I'll regret opening my mouth.

I really-really love the iBontoc wedding custom 'supon'. Unlike us iBenguet, people give more money during death.....

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