Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Teacher Julie asked:

A day at the beach or the pool.

Just playing or lying down on the grass outside.

Pizza day.

Meals on the terrace.

Barbecue with family and friends.

Night outings.

Ice cream time.

Long or short walks at the beach or to the grocery store.

Visiting places, friends or relatives.

Come to think of it, any activity is fun for my family during summer. With our cold, humid and gloomy winter, all you ever wish is for the days to speed up for that warm weather.

I just remembered my cousin Monique who keeps on telling us that she used to be friends with one of Rustom's sister. She's a regular to their house and said their Mommy Eva was really a good Mom. They once lived in Baguio and Rustom was really a looker 'daw' and 'crush ng bayan' around SLU Campus. "Ngem awan, bakla man iman'(but no, I think he is gay)", Monique said long before the world knew Rustom was a "she".

Well, I have nothing against his decision. Gimmick or not, that's his life. Whatever he does with it, he has all the right. Besides, every one deserves to be happy. I'd rather encourage someone's capability of doing what makes him smile and laugh rather than his bitterness and negativity.... sabi nga ni BB(kahit na sirang plaka na), "Life is short....".... hehehe... Oh di ba showbizzz?....



Ice cream time. I live in the high desert, constantly in the low 100's - definitely coconut, mocha, chocolate, coffee, NY blueberry brands, hehe...time to put a little weight. Cheers!


Hi Lovelyn,
Do you have pictures of the beaches there? I'm interested of how they look. Thanks for sharing your family activities in the summer.

Re: BB,
whatever makes him happy! He is over the top. Very distracting.

We have friends who are a couple- longtime partners and they are gay... they are low key and act like regular people. So it's easier to accept them. To Little K, they are just G & T ... no big deal.


The beach! I love going there if only the distance is not that great from where we are. Yeah, summer is an excuse to indulge in ice cream and HALO-HALO! Woohoo!

Re BB, oo nga pala, they used to live in BC. Coming out is being honest and true to one self.

Thanks for the answers and I wish you a great week.

By the way, this week's WQ is on its way to your inbox :)


Ciao TruBlue,

I like mocha too and ube for Pinoy ice cream. Italian, I love pistachio, nociolla and there's this flavor my family named "ding-dang-do" which I can't really remember what its called.

Ciao Tina,

Its a "brown" beach. Too crowded during summer. Tagged as Italy's little Germany because of the tourist who frequents it. Its good to take photos now while its "empty". I'll do next time.

Hehehe.. very distracting.... guess I'm used to worst things than that. Having so many gay friends and cousins, "immune na" hahaha... I'm sure you know James and his twin brother. How is he na ngata?

Ciao Teacher Julie,

Got the latest one. Hope to do it soon.

We're only 350 meters away from the beach and on the other end, which is maybe more or less 500 meters, is the lagoon.

There's this instant halo-halo mix from Mama Sita's. Kompleto na sya with brown beans, buko, nata d coo etc... in a jar. We only need to freeze fresh milk and halo-halo na sya. Sarap!

Yeah, tumira sila dun, bata pa ako nun hehehe....

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