Tuesday, 24 March 2009


LUKIE: Smash down! (As he pins down his little brother Dylan).

MAMA: What smash down? Its touchdown honey. You're playing American football, right?

LUKIE: Yes, but the players are smashing down the one who holds the ball!


LUKIE: Mama, all of us were laughing when Lorenzo said, "Inter e gay"(Inter Milan - a football team here).

MAMA: Gay is not funny. Do you know what does it mean by gay?

LUKIE: (annoyed) No, but I know there's nothing wrong with saying it.

MAMA: Its not wrong for you but it is for gay people. Let me tell you about them. They are boys like you but they feel and act like girls or like Mama. And you do not laugh at people for who and what they are.

LUKIE: (really annoyed) Yes, but isn't it that funny?

MAMA: Not at all, you see, what if I laugh at you because you are a boy? Or, laugh at you because you are drinking tea, you wouldn't like that, do you?

LUKIE: (rolling his eyes) Okay.

MAMA: You know honey, I have so many gay friends and cousins. They're very fun people to be with. They're just like you and me. They get hurt too specially when people laugh at them for being gay. Next time ask your friends if they know what gay means. Then teach them so that they'll know.

LUKIE: (half listening) Yes, but I can't make them listen when they're laughing.

When I thought it gets easier to take care of these boys as they grow up, I mean less catering to their needs as they become less and less dependent. I was wrong. The more it is getting complicated. You have to be very careful in feeding their thoughts with ideas, facts and everything under the sun.

My son is only seven years old and to be honest, its exhausting to answer his questions sometimes. "Am I saying or doing the right thing" counts and weighs your words. Taking responsibility too on your influence to his manners, his principles and on how will he be accepted as a person is becoming more and more of a great deal.

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Keep in mind, Gay means Happy, maybe that's Lukie's mindset, hehe.

Getting older and getting wiser, and smarter - probing mind. So amazing how kids at this age would ask lots of mind-bogling questions.

Cheers to him!


Ciao TruBlue,

Probably. Gay really mans happy hehehe...

Its hard to keep up, though he really deseves your toast. Cheers to him indeed!


aw, and i thought answering to "c'est quoi, maman?" what's that maman is already mind-bogling..


Just wait till your little 'Frenchies' will be at my son's age.Ibang level na ang discussion...

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