Friday, 20 March 2009


Click image below to enlarge their Menu and schedules.

I'm not sure if its the first Filipino Fastfood on wheels in Italy but I'm sure it is the first of it's kind in Milan. I wish we have it too here in Venice. Kidding aside, we'd call ours - "The Floating Filipino Fastfood". Will it look good on a Gondola? Probably not.

I had my chance to feel what Musashiboogie wrote here: A Dose of Home when I went to renew my passport in Milan last Monday. My sister Danica gave me company in the boat, bus, train and the Subway (Milan Metro - M lines), a 4 hour trip just to get to the Philippine Consulate.

My husband asked me what am I going to write about my trip to Milan. I told him, "FOOD". We tried their 'palabok' and its really good specially their barbecue. Its not salty nor bland. It was just perfect. They are located at the right side of the Philippine Consulate building fronting an open park. It was a picnic atmosphere with a delightful ambiance of a walk-in restaurant when I was there savoring my food. .

Written on their menu(first image above), you'll notice this single FFF will be all over Milan and yeah, they work everyday. If by any chance you get to the said city, go find this rolling Filipino Fastfood. 'Naimas piman', GUARANTEED!




No offense but I rarely patronize Filipino fastfood, unless visitors insists on trying one, there's several where I hibernate. Went to one two years ago and conversations were too loud, mostly showy stuffs, hehe....

firefly in july

Interesting. Locally, the food-on-wheels are on jeepneys and we call them "Jollijeep" :)


Hi Lovelyn,
It's wonderful to see Filipino fast food on wheels. I have seen Mexican taco trucks on TV so why not Pinoy food.


Ciao TruBlue,

Hehehe... I can relate with the last one, typical iCordi dreads that(lol).

In Milan, where you can find Pinoy restaurants and now this FFF, maybe for them its nothing. But for us here in Venice, its a "WOW" thing. We don't have one, not even Pinoy food caterers of which nearby cities like Padova enjoys.

We're happy for the owner because its not easy to acquire a business permit specially so that he is an immigrati(its how they call us non Italians).

Ciao Izma,

"Jollijeep", riding on with Jollibee ha.

Ciao Tina,

True. Its a one month old family business. The mother and the daughter do most of the cooking. I wish them well and hope this FFF will thrive.

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