Friday, 13 March 2009


Wednesday last week, we went to the Questora for Boogie's Permit of stay. We were finish early so we went window shopping. No more SALDI(sale) for winter stuff. Wool, cashmere, thick jackets and boots were replaced with cotton, colorful and lighter get ups. Same as last year, skinny pants or jeans, printed 'hoodies', doll shoes and the "classic" low cut Converse are on display. Purple dominates the showrooms, just like the recent winter, but I'm pretty sure, summer displays will soon scratch it out.

Fashion just keeps on coming back or I've been around for a while (meaning: I'm old) to see the transition? I noticed that the difference of today's fad from my time is that skinny pants now are low waisted and are no longer called 'baston'. For 'hoodies', its with a lot of prints now and its "in" for boys to wear shocking yellow colors.


We entered
Non Solo Sport Jesolo to see their rubber shoes. The lady who happens to be the sales girl and the cashier too was mopping the floor. It was still wet but she said we go ahead even though we're leaving 3 sets of shoe marks with Dylan's baby carriage worsening the mess.

Boogie told me to look for a jogging suit. I can't find what I wanted so I asked for the sales girl's help. She said its finish and same stocks might be in after a month. Boogs took the kids out and I was about to follow but he told me to buy a t-shirt or something. So I stayed and spotted a Puma shoes that will look good with "today's pants". Their t-shirt and blouses' price were the same as the shoes so I went for the later.

The all around lady went to get my size and after trying it on, I told her I'm buying it. I even said, "Almeno compreremo qualcosa perché abbiamo sporcato il pavimento hehehe..."(at least we should buy something, we made the floor dirty). She answered we don't have to but I could see it made her day. With her big smile she told me I'll pay 30 percent less. She showed me a discount coupon they usually give to regular costumers and she used it on my new shoes. I went out of the store happy with the bargain.

It pays off to show and give consideration. So is my talkativeness... sometimes.


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