Monday, 2 March 2009


Here's an update to the following post:

1. Baby "D", The Explorer




'Anya uno' means 'Italia Uno'. Dylan echos it out after he hears it from the TV commercial of channel six. He is into copying what ever you say now and his expression when something is not right would be, "Oh men!". He spills his milk and when he says, "Oh men!", you'd laugh. Giving him the wrong idea that what he did should be encouraged.

'OTTO'(eight) is Baby D's favorite number. Sometimes, he'd repeat after me his 123's and when we'd reach number eight, he'd say "otto-otto". When he pretends to read numbers being flashed on TV or posters somewhere, 'otto' would be repeated many times. He could also recognize some letters and from the flash cards that I made, he could pin point A to G but also familiar with I, O and P. When he thinks he's reading a word on his own like "dolphin", he'd say, "Ahh, eehh, ahh ohh". That's AEAO for dolphin hehehe....

Dylan loves his big brother so much. Imitating what ever Lukie says and do. Sometimes it irritates our eldest and he would often close the door to his room leaving Dylan crying as he bangs Lukie's door. When Lukie is in a good mood, its "heaven" for me. Lukie would read to his little brother, teaches him with his mini computer and gives him his pens as they both make some drawings.

My youngest is also very affectionate. He'd readily give you hugs and kisses when you ask for it. When you'll say kiss and you didn't do the "smacking sound", he won't stop kissing you. That would "vanish" his destructiveness even "the buying" of the new washing machine to replace what he just broke.

Its quite hard to feed him now. Still adjusting from soft baby foods and I know its not healthy but he loves instant noodles soup we buy from Kuya Arthur(Owner of a Filipino store). 2 days ago, I tried to feed him 'adobo' and for the first time he said, "mouno-mouno" a lot of times as he puts his two index fingers on his cheeks. He meant 'bouno' or delicious and oh, how I laughed!

Just like Lukie when he was of Dylan's age, our Baby D plays with his toy cars lining them carefully. Blocks too, building it up like a tower. He throws tantrums more than the usual because he's unable to express clearly what he wants and when his big brother growls at him like a dog.

Perfectly acting the "terrible two", my son also loves to sing. He loves MTV and Music Videos from Youtube. Though you can't understand his lyrics, you'll know what song he is singing.

We haven't started getting rid of his Pampers yet. I tried once or twice to let him sit on his potty, the excitement of this "new thing" makes him happy and forgets what he was supppose to do.

Boogie keeps on saying that Dylan is growing fast. What will happen to us with out a baby running around? I told him, "Wait for your grand kids"!





Dylan is so cute :)

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