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How would you feel if your former English teacher is reading your blog? Quite embarrassing for me and intimidating at the same time. I'm imagining faces of disapproval and shakings of head with my choices of words (lol). Ohh please, my grammar is out of hand too. I'm just "clinging on to faith"(hahaha) that blogging is my therapy for the frustrations of a raconteur wannabe.

Ma'am Marilyn and family

How about if you are the teacher and you're reading your student's blog? Ahah, that would be very interesting to know, don't ya' think?

Why the thought on these? I found my Business English teacher in high school at Friendsters. She's Ma'am Aussie now from down under.

Piolo and Troy

She has two gorgeous boys, both looking cool with the blond highlights on their hair(Sayang, can't be seen in the photo). I'm really happy to hear from Ma'am Marilyn Espero, one of the teachers I will never forget.

Made me think back of my student days of which until now I keep telling my self, "I should have done better". I was a lazy one who depends only on what I've heard during the lectures. Comes the exams and I just browse my notebook, I'm not that good in memorizing. Good thing, I never had failing grades. My report cards may not be that impressive but still has numbers that will make my father happy.I have a classmate before who is now a nurse in the US that during our history quizzes, he submits two papers with my name on the other sheet hehehe...Hey, speak up if you're reading this!(lol)

It would be nice to add this "Once A Student" as one of my categories. Yeah, Ill do that. It will bring me back to my younger and carefree days. Now the smile on my face is getting wider, means I have a lot to tell.

Cartoon credit:CSL CartoonStock



Your "Once a Student" category idea is a good one. It's something we can all relate to, for sure. :) I expect it will have a life of its own at the end of the year.

For a moment, I thought you were writing about either Mrs. Marrero or Miss Tuesday de Leon. I'm familiar with, then, Ms. Espero, but I don't think I'd ever had her as a teacher. Hmmm...

I'm glad you brought this out. High school is always a fun subject. By the way, you should check out the "Fave Teacher" discussion in our Joseans '92 Multiply site.

reyna elena

HAHAHA! di ko nabasa lahat kasi tawa na ako nang tawa dun sa cartoon! hahaha!!

sabihin mo sa titser mo, yong grammar mo, bahala na si batman dun! hahaha


Ciao Hannah,

I'll check on that later. Want to know who's the fave teacher of batch 92.

Ma'am Marrero and Ma'am Pangaliman, seen their photos and they still look the same. Age is being good to them jejeje.

We made Ma'am Tuesday sang before with her guitar. She used to sing 'daw' in some bar before(not sure on this though). She sings well with that accent I've known her for.

Ciao Renz,

Padala ni Stephen King yun hehehe.

Mabait naman si Ma'am e, kaya di na nya na babasahin(lol).

Bill Bilig

good question. its actually one reason why i blog by another name hehe. baka pagalitan pa ako ng high school english teacher ko dahil sa mali-maling grammar :-)

hey, that cartoon is great. i like reading stephen king when i'm in the mood for horror stories.


i can't recall being under Ms. Espero's class - been under Mrs. Marrero, Mrs. Pangiliman and Ms. de Leon (who resigned at the midst of our 4th year days). it's good to see her here. her boys looked a lot like her.i'm going to check her from friendster soon :)
i like your new category too. surely, it will spark a lot of memories especially if you talk about highschool days, good old highschool days, ahihihi.
yeah, please do visit our joseans 92 group in multiply and feel free to join as an honorary member :)


That was by a longshot, for you to find your old teacher. Hope she remembers you well. Most of my female teachers were hags and male were just pain in the butt.
Cheers to you.....


Ciao Bill,

Hehehe oo nga no, advantage ng hidden identity (lol).

Nahirapan akong naghanap ng cartoon for "student and teacher". Only this I find funny from all the ten pages I browsed.

Ciao Jane,

We were the first batch Ma'am Espero handled along with Ma'am De Leon, Sir Beray etc...Hehehe high school life isu, FLYNN ayan mo hahaha.......

Thanks for the invite(Josean 92), may kasama ba akong "Manang" dun?

Ciao Trublue,

LOL, "HAGS AND BUTTS", poor you! But, you turned out ok naman hahaha....

Well from our emails, am glad she remembers we are all girls.


Hi, Lovelyn. Ma'am Espero just started her own blog on Friendster. Check her out. :)


Thanks Hannah! I owe you one. Didn't know it if you didn't holler!

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