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How can I not have a Valentines Day post when February 14 is a date twice special for me? I was born 34 years ago this very day. Yeah I know, numbers are piling up so fast when you don't want it to. Comes like a speeding "bull" with wrinkles and fats hahaha!!!

Down the memory lane: Since I can remember when, every time I have my birthdays my Dad would always tell us the first time he saw his little girl. With me as the eldest, it scared all the guts in him as he took my mom at the Baguio General Hospital. "Andi e pilpilak mi nuntan"(We have no money that time), he never missed to include as he tells us more. (WARNING: he is my father that's why he has to say these:) "Naiamag numan e rupan Lovelyn." I better not translate that hehehe. "She was so pink with lips so red, She has curly black hair and eyes so brown"...

The part I like remembering most is when my Mama got her roses from my Dad when he came to see us the next day. My father had to go home the night before and I came out at dawn of Valentines Day 1974. Nothing catchy about this post. But, allow me think it is. For the reason - 'bertdeyk garuuud!'

Many thanks to all who remembered and had been sending blings on my comment box at you know where...WOWWW, feels great to grow old after all!

Here's a gift for you to read for Valentines Day: Lock Up Your Love and Throw Away the Key and In Rome, a New Ritual on an Old Bridge. Every Valentines Day, its always featured on Italian news. I saw a while back on TV an old couple in their 80's who said they too had their love locked up on this bridge. They never fail to come back every year and rekindle where it all started.



Happy V! V2! hahaha!!! 34 ka na? I am just 32. For many years now. Heheh!!! Me writ of habeas corpus ako nyan na trenta dos lang ako.



Never knew any relative or friend born on V-day. It's great to know one now! Enjoy fully the intervals of birth and his calling.
May you have more to come. Cheers as always and goodhealth.


Hehehehe... Dandani ta agkabertdayan Manang a! Happy birthday garud and Happy Heart's Day.


Happy daybirth. Whats bling? Relax your still young. Im like 40 already. Enjoy the day


Happy Happy Lovelyn! So that's why your name is LOVELYN... what a precious gift your parents were given on that day 34 years ago



Thank you for sharing these articles with us, Lovelyn. I enjoyed reading them. :) I hope the magic of the experience never wanes.

KK aka Tina

Belated Happy Birthday Lovelyn! Valentines Baby ka gayam :) ! Belated Happy Valentine's met ten. I hope you were treated like a princess on your birthday :) !


Ciao REynz,

Buti ka pa, kaya ng powers mto stop the time hehehe.

Ciao Trublue,

Thanks. Cheers and good health, that's my only wish for me, my family, you and everyone here.

Yeah, "enjoy fully the intervals of birth and his calling". Another quotable quote from you sir!

Cioa LAyad,

Salamat kabsat! Research go later when will be yours. Take care ading!

Ciao Russel,

Thanks! What 40? Waistline?(lol)
Bling are like the shiny angel with these post. Someone's friendster profile got virused that's why he doesn't know the bling. Wonder why and how!

Ciao Lisa,

Got it right but when I was to be baptized, the priest said, "Lovelyn is a not a Christian name!". So they have to change it. But, Lovelyn remained my nickname.

Ciao Hannah,

I hope to see that place when Dylan would make travelling easier. Say 2 years from now hehehe.

Ciao Tina,

Oh I was "PUNKED" on my big day! I've got three months to plan my revenge(lol).

Thanks for the greeting!

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