Friday, 22 February 2008

Social Climbing Logo Contest by Reyna Elena

I've come to meet Renz of REYNA ELENA when I posted this entry: AN E-MAIL AND PHONE CALLS TO OWWA . He may insist that all his achievements were possible because of "social climbing". But, I am not convinced. I believe it is his warm personality, happy outlook in life, frankness and 'pakikisama' or friendship that made him one of the top Pinoy bloggers(Uyyy sobra na atang sip-sip aning?).

He is running a contest (lagi-laging nagpapamudmod ng datung ang lola) here: Social climbing logo entries are here! Okrayan begins!. I have to "cast my vote"(hehehe) to make up with not being able to listen to his Radio interview here: Joy & Reynz @ Usapang Pinoy 2/16/08 on Blogging at Future Radio UK. 'Mahirap na', he might block me from frequenting his blog when I'm badly in need of a good LAUGH.

Prizes at stake:

Grand Prize = Php5,000b
1st runner up = Php2,000c
2nd runner up = Php1,500d
3rd runner up = Php1,000e
4th runner up = Php500


Entry # 1.) Chuvaness/Malen - Number 4

Entry # 2.) Chuvaness/Malen - Number 5

Entry # 3.) Pinoy Ambisyoso - Number 3

Entry # 4.) Kotseng Kuba - Number 2

Entry # 5.) 100% Batangueno - Number 1(Galeng nito, naging blond ang Reyna na ayaw talagang ibaba ang korona. At saan nga ba sya reyna ulit, ayun o sa may computer.Dala pa ang signature ni lola after stating the theme of this contest).


reyna elena

hahaha!!! social climb to the max na ever to lovelyn! hahaha! thank you for joining sa kaguluhan ever ever!!!! hahahaha


Ciao Reynz,

Oh di ba, wagi!Hahahaha


maraming salamat po ng maraming marami!mabuhay po kayo!


Ciao Itot,

Wow nalula ako sa mga blog mo. How do you manage? Its even obviously well maitained equally.

Hope you win the contest. Sabi ko nga, dapat manalo ka kasi ginawa mong blondy na maaganda si Reyz.

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