Saturday, 23 February 2008

You Don't Have To Say You Love Me

Ang galing talaga ng Pinoy ano? Just extending my support to a 'kababayan'. I hope she'll win.


Bill Bilig

She looks promising so far, no. Mukhang talagang magaling at may ibubuga. Hope she wins :-)


Ciao Bill,

Sana nga. I'm just happy with all these Filipino talents from Arnel Pineda to Charice and the one in Austria(forgot the name).


It's really great to see Filipinos gaining prominence in Western consciousness, especially outside the medical field. It's not uncommon to hear Filipinos mentioned in the media anymore. Woohoo!


I rarely watch American Idol coz I can't sing a squat...hehehe...

But when will all this contestants figured out that simply to win it all is to compose your own lyrics and sing out loud to the world. And hope for the best that the three judges give you a thumbs up.
I'd like to see Simon Cowell sing though and see what he is made off.



She is good, one reason to watch AI. I just hope I remember to do so, hihi!


Ciao Trublue,

We only watch American idol on youtube. Its not aired here except if you have a decoder from AFN.

Composing your own song would be better indeed. Real artist with real talent kumbaga. Oo nga nu, it would be nice to prove that he just "talks".

Ciao Teacher Julie,

Yeah, parang may pagka Nora Aunor in some parts of the song she sang in this video. Hangang YouTube din lang ako nung AFN decided to shut down their non-members.

Bill Bilig

Hehe, that would be fun seeing Simon Cowell singing. Baka he might look as silly (at the same time funny) as Renaldo Lapuz :-)


Ciao Bill,

Sikat na nga si R. Lapuz iman ya. Scripted kaya yun o talagang Pinoy desperation? hahaha

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