Friday, 4 April 2008


Half way reading this book: Tim Russert's ‘Wisdom of Our Fathers’ , I can't help but tell every one to grab a copy of it. This is not a sponsored post by the way. Please click the link and find out why I am recommending this amazing book.

Boogie and I are very grateful to Sir C.N. Candelario of Fallon New York for sending us Tim Russert's ‘Wisdom of Our Fathers’ along with the other book, Moving Zen. I am passing this gift by "nagging"(lol) you to open the link and avail or go buy/barrow/steal(hehehe) one.


KK aka Tina

Hi Lovelyn,

I bought a book for my Papa which was authored by Tim Russett. He's a great guy! Sooooooo funny that we have to re-iterate that it's not a sponsored post when we really like something ;).

I'll be on a look out for this book from the library.


Ciao Tina,

This book did not just make me cry. Its making me "sob" and I don't care if people in the bus and boat on my way to and from my part time job are staring. Just this morning, I forgot the tissue and everything is "dripping" hahaha. Good thing I never go out with out my shades.

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