Tuesday, 29 April 2008


When I was pregnant with my second son, Marley And Me a book by John Grogan, gave me company. I was just browsing it when my husband brought it home from work. Till I ended up reading and loving every page.

Clients from the hotel where my husband works just leave these books when they're done. Unlike us, so sentimental with books we read, we leave them piling up in our spare room. A room where you can't move anymore because of so many "memorabilia" hehehe... Doesn't surprise me when my sister Ica prefers to sleep at my other sister's house. "Avalanche of printed and bound works"(hahaha)can give "bukol"(contusion) too, ya' know.

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Marley And Me, its a story about a dog and the author. I thought it was all about this fury cuddly creature on the pics but it wasn't. Its about a couple whose starting a family with a "neurotic" dog that is adding up "zest" into their life. Another read I want to pass, so, go and buy, barrow or steal one(lol). And, I almost forgot, they're making a movie out of it. Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston are in the lead role.

We can't have a dog here, its not allowed in our village. If I could only keep it a "PUPPY" forever, I'll be a stubborn and own one. I can just ignore if someone complains and I'll talk out the 'carabinieri'(police) if it gets that worse. But, thinking of walking it out 3 to 4 times a day scares me off. And, the boys tagging along aaarghhh...and its winter...if we go for vacations, who stays with it?.... Why does it have to be so complicated?



We love dogs too! We have an 'askal' or mongrel, haha! The nice thing about the Philippines is that there are no such village rules, and we have househelp to help feed, bathe and walk the dog.

bill bilig

I think I'd like to live in a village like yours. I have nothing against dogs naman but where I live, naku, andaming dog poop. You really have to be careful when walking because you might step in one.

Andami kasing asong kalye who just do their thing wherever they want. Arggh.

KK aka Tina

It's sad that some places can be anti-dogs but from administrators point of view, not all people are that disciplined. Like here in our "village" it's allowed but we have to adhere to basic courtesy such as picking after the dog. It bugs me when people don't pick up the poo of their dogs. Dugyot ngay! So I walk around with a poopy bag, no big deal.

I have heard about the book but every time we are in the library, we get stuck by the children's section. I'll try to remember next time we go.

We walk our Brady but it's not really a chore, it's good exercise ;) . I guess I'm just used to it already and part of the daily thing. I don't think we can ever have a household without one.

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