Tuesday, 15 April 2008


This morning, we were checking CNN to see what the world is saying about the recent winning of the new Prime Minister - rather, the come back of the former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. We "clicked" this first: Boy, bullied for singing.

Why Andrew Johnston for this article:"Italy's Berlusconi returns to power"? No comment.



wow, what a voice!

so he won. that was a joke between us and our italian supplier when i was in milan a month ago.. that frenchies are slowly taking purchase of italy, us buying their machines, carla bruni as wife of the president, air france trying to buy alitalia.. and yes, why not berlusconi hehe..


Ciao Analyse,

Oo nga nu, you're buying us now hehehe...Did't find the president's wife pretty till I saw her pictures with the OK Magazine yesterday. Maganda pala and oh my, excuse my tongue, "buying" was really involved with the president's face value hahaha

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