Monday, 14 April 2008


Makes me laugh every time my husband says, "I'm in the zone" as he does the "rapper's thing" with his hands. I thought of starting with this "zone-zone" to keep me punching these keys and get back to the zone.

Before sounding like a nitwit, this blog's template is giving me a headache. I can't make it have three columns and in attempt of doing so, I lost most of the "blings" on the side bar. Help!


bill bilig

Hmm, so you want it to have three columns? Ano pala pangalan ng template mo. So I can look at the html template sa Blogger. Please email me na lang the name of the template. But I can't promise that I know the solution hehe.

But here's a very helpful link about creating three columns or adding another sidebar to your template:
Tips For New Bloggers.

In case you are using a different template than the one in the tutorial, note that it also has links for how you can add a sidebar to other kinds of templates.

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