Wednesday, 9 April 2008


"Hey, get back here!"...My friend Lorna called her two kids, Feona and Lance, who were already 50 meters away from us. "Its not everyday that you get to wear those dresses, let me take more photos", she added when we finally reached them. Well, results are obviously shown in this shot, cute real expressions captured. Kids hehehe...and stage moms... Feona and Lance were just eager to go home for the party set for them (Who isn't hehehe).

When Lorna asked me to be her daughter's godmother for her first Holy communion, I was reminded of my godmother Auntie Gloria. She's my dad's youngest sister, the first in the family who lived far from home. She and my uncle Fando tried their luck and had successfully raise their family in Davao City.

As a reward for passing the board exam, I went to visit my "ninang" and its one of my most enjoyed and pampering get away. My uncle Fando even got me "sacks" of 'pomelo' from his friend's farm which I devoured all by my self during my entire stay. I also love their mangosteen which was not in season that time but was able to eat loads of it, thanks for my auntie who stormed the market just to buy me some.

When I went back home to Baguio, I left her a letter. I'll try to write it again and hope to to remember everything on my next post.



my hubby is already preparing for MC's first communion, that would be in 3 years, hahaha. super excited. i dont know if they would be having extra ninong/ninangs here for communion though, hmm, must ask


Me ninang pala ang communion? Hehe, my eldest daughter had her confirmation last November. Baka next year my son will have his first communion.

Parang ang lalaki ng mga batang yan :D

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