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with mama, dad and nung rudy

"Dove ce tanti bambini?" (Where there are a lot of kids?), that is how my son Lukie remembers "BURNHAM PARK". His face lights up every time he recalls his last visit there two years ago. Then he will tell you about the "tanti"(many)children riding bikes, on the see-saw and swings of this famous park of Baguio City.

in the middle with my icy

My father who is turning 65 this year once told us that when he got hold of his first allowance as an altar boy, he bought pants for his 3 brothers and took them to Burnham Park. He was only on his first year at SLU Boy's High back then. More on this story here: DANIEL: Ramon's Son.

blue flats

The little girl me who wishes everyday was a Sunday, lives on counting the weekdays to pass quickly. Most of the time, Sunday for my family back then is a mass at the Baguio Cathedral or San Jose Parish Church and a picnic at BURNHAM PARK. My most anticipated one hour ride from our hometown Tublay were during those days.

Now, its quite ironic though - that we have so many children's park here in Italy but there are few or no children to make use of them. We have one in our compound, another is only a hundred meters away from our home. Then another big one at the center of Cavallino(name of our town) which is only a 15 minutes walk from our place. All these recreational parks are well maintained and "children friendly". But then again, you can't see five kids playing at the same time.

LISA of Baguio Insider had an alarming old post here: ALERT! P200 MILLION BUILDING TO BE ERECTED ON BURNHAM PARK . Its also very disappointing to hear from our family back in Baguio that big bucks of funds were allotted for the renovation of the said park but unsatisfactory works were done. A sum of money that could totally change every old see-saw, rusting swings and climbing bars into new modern ones. But, all they did were to refresh the paints and put sands all around. Read the discussions of residents and expats here: BAGUIO CITY ONLINE: Burnham Park

Its not in my system to complain but when something that has been a part of your childhood is "ill-treated", it is some one's childhood is also being denied. As I have said before, people concern in deciding for Burnham Park's improvement were once kids too. Did they not ever run around and held this park as something dear to their childhood? As Lisa said, "don't they care and love their children too?" Oh but... maybe because they can afford, their kids have their own private parks.

Sorry for being a "bugger" and my "yappy doddle do". These "misfits" of "dove ce tanti bambini", the same old slides when I was a kid and beautiful parks with just my kids are truly unfair. Maybe blogging it down will get it off me as I pass it to you hehehe.



Lovelyn, talk about these things, manggagalaiti ka talaga. In Subic the Koreans cut down decades old trees to build high rise condos for themselves. They even plan to out a spa (near the mouth) on Taal Volcano. I haven't read the link you put but may I ask who will build these buildings?


ay ya yay. Forget the new burnham park. Thinking about it and the misallocated funds is just depressing.

Now looking at those old photos at burnham park, now thats something else. Always nice to see those.

wow your kids are growing. Love the slide shot when your about to catch the kids. Good stuff boog.

whats up with the glasses. They cover half your face. I bet if you didn't have them you'd squint like a chinese person. hehe.


Ciao Julie,

How silly is that, a spa on the volcano itself hahaha! Grabe naman, a high rise condo "for learning Engrishh"...what's next? Their own airport?

As per who - "contractors", don't know yet. But, its a proposal of building a multi-level parking structure at the park and when approved by the mayor, he'll be the culprit of "WHO" built it.

Ciao Rubba,

"Misallocated", what a kind word(lol).

Wish I had taken all the old photos here. Sayang andami nasira!

The glasses? Its in, every one wants to be a bumble bee(lol). Yeah you're right, eyes appear like lines when you smile and it ain't used to a bright sunny day yet. Men, months of gloomy winter...these eyes aren't ready(daw o) hehehe.


we were in baguio in 2006, dami na ngang bago but not for the better. kasi wala ng view kundi houses na lang e. sayang ano?


I also have fond memories of Burnham Park: boat and bicycle rides, ice cream, slides, swings, etc... I am sure we still have those photo memorabilias as well (colored na ung amin, Manang hehehehe...).

U have well-maintained parks but nobody goes there? Hmmm, strange. But I guess, children now are glued to the tv, computer, play stations, and what have u. Too bad...


I enjoyed Burnham the first time I visited went there (noong 80s pa hehe). Ngayon its not so enjoyable anymore because its always full of people. But then, I only go to Baguio kasi during holidays kaya talagang mapupuno ang Burnham.

Too bad about the buildings they are planning to build at Burnham :-)

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