Friday, 4 April 2008


Aside from the mumbling blabbing baby talks we can't figure out when Dylan opens his mouth, he finally said his very first clear word yesterday. He said BIRD when he saw the video of the feathered creature my husband took with the DV cam.

Birds are here again which means its spring and soon it will be summer. They wake us up early in the morning. For sure next month, at 4 A.M., these fowls will send us out of bed.

For our eldest Lukie, it was CAR. We used to live at Lido Venice that time where there are more cars compared to where we are now. Turned out to be his passion, specially the Formula 1 , which he memorized every tracks, race schedules and race drivers by heart.

It was BASKET 'ABOT-ABOT(holes)for my first word which was my parents business that time. They used to make baskets the farmers of Mountain Trail use as containers for their leafy vegetables.

Speaking of Mountain Trail, its actually a road but we Cordillerans got used of referring to it as a place. Instead of saying Atok,Benguet or Municipality of Buguias, we say Mountain Trail. These places are where most of our vegies in the Philippines come from. This trail is now called
Halsema Highway . Here's a video uploaded by my cousin Miss Buguias and you'll see where cabbages, carrots, potatoes etc travel before it gets to Baguio City or La Trinidan.

As usual from Dylan's first word to Mountain Trail. If Lukie's first word has something to do with his Formula 1 frenzy(hehehe), what would it be for a bird? How about the basket abot-abot? Think...think...



Bird?maybe,,,,for airplanes.
How about your abot,abot or basket?


Bird? the one with feathers right? You know kids....especially boys. Ah mountain trail. Bugias is pretty far and driving going there is real tiring. I remember my aunt ordering soft bones. "bakit puro bones" then the cashier whispered "soft bones garud"

soft bones ba or soup bones? Yum!!


Ciao Matsay,

Maybe airplanes. I don't know about the basket, ala lang siguro hehehe...

Ciao Rubba,

Right, the one with the feathers. Remember my psyche teacher telling not to substitute(lol). Say the right specific word so it wouldn't be a taboo thingy.

Soft bones ata but soup bone is rather appropriate. Yeah those bulalo along the way. It could chip some tooth, you know hehehe...


Dylan is really growing fast. He will be a teener before you know it. Cheers!


Ciao Trublue.

Cheers, you're back! Hope everything's ok.

Yeah, really fast and he scares us all the time. He is now in the stage of climbing up everything he could climb.

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