Wednesday, 16 April 2008


Post 27: Lolo Ramon's Story

When people believe in what you do more than you do, you ought to give them back the benefit of putting that confidence in what you can do. "I must be doing something good", animates you sometimes and nothing is better than to just accept that - you really are doing something good.

I've started to write about my grandfather's stories and stopped when I was feeling the pressure of writing the next page better than the other. Its hard to maintain a pace where every reader must walk with you, talk with you and worst, feel you.

Call it a losser for ending up a story so as to be freed from the responsibility of "continuing". A coward for seeing it as a burden. It shamed me to know - I have become.

Had it not been for the constant emails and private messages of those people who responded with my grandfather's life, I would be at a lost. Lost in empeding what and where these stories would lead me and the next generations of my family.

Thus, while I still have the grace, I concur to the will of fighting my demons and start doing what(after all) I love to do - Indulge in reminiscence. Then My Lola Meding shines, the wife of My Lolo Ramon.


bill bilig

Hey, I understand the feeling hehe. I also have things that I promised readers to write but never got to doing them. Usually, its because I keep putting off writing so I can compose my thoughts better, or I promised myself to give spend more time to write it, etc. etc.

But I end up not doing it because the "pressure" builds up. Eventually, I say, "Eh, nakalimutan na nila iyan. No need to write it anymore." Bad, me. Hehehe.

But I'm glad you decided to continue your Lolo's story. Cheers.

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