Tuesday, 21 October 2008


The first time I Googled "Baguio City", it led me to the very first forum site I signed in. I was a reader at first (before I became a "boring" 'forumer') of BaguioCityONLINE. A "stalker" too(hehehe) to this particular contributor - lugan_ikit.

If I translated it right, lugan_ikit means "Granny's ride". His avatar didn't give justice to his posts, he is better and real than Yoda. I even sent him a message, "I'm a fan!", said I. My "declaration" was ignored, he didn't reply hahaha. But nothing changed, his fan, remained I.

The Worldwide Dap-ay Forums's Yoda has his own blog now. Join me as we learn more about Igorot, our people, in his Siwat’s Weblog. Let's luxuriate in his 'Jed(i)+aic' prowess and eloquence in poetry.

I guarantee, his wisdom is kneaded from facts, good values, wit and exceptional morality. Above all, in most of his thread writings at BCO, he never fails to profess the serenity of life with GOD in a very realistic and hip approach. The rarity of already great people still bold in saying that HE up there is the greatest, Sir lugan_ikit is truly a "must click".



Hey, thanks for the link Manang! He looks like he's an Ifontok. Hmmm... I just browsed thru his blog but will go back soon and digest hehehe... Maybe after awhile, just like u, I will also write him a fan mail :D

"lugan ikit" can also mean grandpa/grandma's car.


Yes, Sir Lugan is Ifontok. Got me wondering what Siwat means.

Yeah, I just made the grannies ride to be make it a bit FLIP hehehe....

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