Friday, 13 February 2009


"Shouters, it seems, still put themselves on a par with convicted criminals", Anne Karpf of The Guardian wrote on his article: HERE. Its exactly how I feel every time the boiling point of my lost temper get douched by guilt. Lately, Lukie and Dylan are getting into my nerves and would often make me raise my voice before I get them to obey.

Wrestling is one of the culprit, I guess. Its their new game. Before these two little boys jostle against each other, as wild and rugged as they can be, Lukie would shout, "WRESTLING!". My cue that the veins on my neck would soon distend from trying to stop them with their rough play.

As expected, my two year old Dylan would be locked under his 7 year old brother's weight. Lukie who is twice heavier doesn't seem to understand that his brother is hurting. Then Dylan would "cry out for help" and that will not stop his big brother as he laughs and presses more weight. Of course, I will come "to the rescue". Then the shouting comes before Lukie would understand, I meant stop as in STOP.

Dylan is released, he'll compose himself then he would again go pull Lukie's shirt. My eldest would run dragging his little brother now, who is still clinging tightly on Lukie's clothes. If Dylan had a strong grip and won't have a hard fall, Lukie will again lock and press him down.

These, they happen to love doing while I prepare supper and worst when I am rushing so I could give them a bath before we eat. That's when I lose it and I would yell at them. Oh, they would stop! But when I am back in the kitchen, they'll resume their act and we'll do the scene all over again....



Undivided attention is required when they're in wrestling mode. Their bones are so fragile they easily get broken. "an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure." Was in my teens when I fell in love with the Radio Station at Polo Field, Pacdal - they always play the best english songs. The announcer was very fluent in english and he articulated the phrase above almost everyday I'm tuned in. RD should know what I'm talking about.


Ciao TruBlue,

Just yesterday, the little one fell from the chair because his brother playfully pushed him backwards. I was there watching them and still Dylan landed on his head. How I want to bump my head as well. They were just infront of me.


while reading this post, there were these images of me and my older sister playing wrestling din hehe.. now i dont know how my two girls will play.. just hope it's less violent than your boys hehe..

Pinay MegaMom

Boys will be boys. I believe they need to do some of that rough-housing as part of their normal development, but you really do need to keep an eye on them and educate them on their limits.


Ciao Ana,

It would be different with the girls, basing it on us(my sisters) who're all girls. For sure it wouldn't be as rough as these two.

Ciao MegaMom.

True, I guess, boys will be boys.

My sister who has a boy and a girl said her little girl is more like "the boy". Mas maton daw hahaha...

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