Friday, 27 February 2009


Post 29: Lolo Ramon's Story

I used to ask my Lola why we seem don't celebrate her birthday and tells us she doesn't know her birth date. Her parents were illiterate(how she worded it)unable for them to note it down. She would only estimate that she's around seventy years old when I was at the age of ten. She always tells us that she can't remember much what happened most of her adult life but if you ask her about her childhood, its vivid and all the memories seem had just happened yesterday. "Its very clear and I can almost feel how was it to be that young and adventurous. I close my eyes and I can see me and my father, my friends and our horses", she always starts.

"My father is tall. 'Mestizzo numan'(half breed) with the lightest brown eyes which at times I knew I saw it somewhat brownish green. People called him Ta-ao. He would always tell us about his mother whom people of Buguias would rather call 'Sagit'(Sun) because her hair makes her illuminate. Specially when the sun strikes those long shinny strands."

"Being the youngest, I think I was his pet. Every time he goes to 'Canaos', he always takes me and I end up taking him home when he gets drunk from drinking too much 'tapey'. With his big built, makes it difficult for me to do the job", my grandma recalls his Papa.

"I don't have much memories with my Mama. Maybe because I always stick around my father. I really love it when he'd carry me up on his shoulders, seems I'm on top of Buguias seeing everything on higher ground".

"Onetime, I did not go to school with two of my friends and we went to a neighbor's 'uma'(slash and burn farming) and steal some camote. We just dig and ate it raw. I was thinking of bringing home some for my mother to cook but dismissed the idea. It would just let them know I missed school".

"As we were up the tree after eating too much camote, we saw the owner of the 'uma' coming. He was furious of the grim sight and moved around looking for a stick or something to bash us with. Scared, we jump off quickly from the tree as he advanced towards us with his found weapon waving on air."

"We all run for our dear lives and I was the first on the "line of escapees". As I ran, I keep looking back to how far the mad man was chasing us. First I saw him reached one of my friend but he ran passed her. Then again, my other friend was safe because the owner just kept running. Clearly, he's only up for me! I got away with the fastest speed in my entire life. He didn't catch me!".

"I was not completely saved, the owner came to our house. My father was very sorry and I was on the corner while they spoke. The man left and gave my father the fat and sturdy stick. Then I knew I got away again with my misdeed. That is so because Papa never laid hands on me nor whip or hit me with anything", Lola Meding laughs like the little girl as she tells us. "Ngem ag yu am-amagin ima inamag mi tep lawa(But, don't do what we did because its not good/right)...", my grandmother said with her most serious face.

During my cousin Sony's wake, Auntie Juaning whom most people knew as "Mrs Bay-an", recounted the story of our great-great grand parents. I never heard of this till my cousin Susan related the story when she came back here in Italy. She said my Lola Meding's great-great grand mother was got pregnant by a Spanish priest. A Buguias local married her regardless of her state. A real man to save her from shame. Then 'Sagit ' was born, my Lola's great grandmother.

When my cousin told us the story, I wondered why my Lola Meding didn't tell us about this. Did she knew about it? While writing this, I know she did. She just didn't think our young minds were ready for such a story. She had kept it. One of the many reasons why I want to go home, I'd like to know more about my Lola's Papa...her father Ta-ao.


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