Wednesday, 18 February 2009


OVER! lol.... Yeah I know, too much "YouTubing" today hehehe... Its even slowing down my PC. I wonder why?(*grin*)...... Seriously, My Favorite Love Songs is Teacher Julie's post for last week's WQ. Here are "some" of the songs I like and there's more, if I could only remember all their titles lol...

What are the love songs that touched your heart the most?

Not that it really touched my heart, more of it made me "kilig" at one point or still is. Enjoy (I hope, lol)!



Well, whad'ya know - this blondie seems the exception, the voice, looks, and talent on the guitar, hmmm very impressive. This was the best version. Wil? are you as good as her on the guitar?

One of my favs is "Just show me how to love you" by Andrea Boccelli and Sarah Brightman - you and hubby should have duet on this song as it's part Italian in lyrics. "Colours" by Donovan and Joan Baez is an automatic play for me when I get up each morning. It gets me going. Cheers!


Ciao TruBlue,

I love Jewel, unique voice. An under rated singer. She composes all her songs. Grew up in a trailer with her waitress mom. Refuses to fix her teeth saying she's not affected with "Hollywood vanity". Its the first tape (bribe)received from Boogs when we were still dating.

Its my first time to hear S. Brightman's "Just Show Me How To Love You.", nice song. I knew what you meant when you said "Colors gets you going" when I "youtubed" it last night. Thanks for sharing!

Oh, almost forgot, I can play the guitar but not as good as Jewel. I believe I was better when I was single. Now, I can't strum it with Dylan doing it for me - the reason why its up there collecting DUST.


I've seen millionaire's with gapped front teeth and also refuses to have them fixed. Love people like them, it's part of their life, their personality, and somehow attained success due to their god-given appearance. Why change it.

Love "colours" as it's everything I need for a song - it's a folksong, can be oldies, easy listening or country rolled into one. And being a Joan Baez music, there is a civil rights statement injected into it. Well, it's how I view it, others may say otherwise.

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