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I got curios when Golden Globe gave the Best Picture Award to "Slumdog Millionaire". I thought this has some kind of political agenda with my delusive thinking concocted from reading too much "conspiracy theories" (lol). You know, India and how Super power countries benefit from making it it's allay. We watched it last night and that's it, I will never touch anything that says "conspiracy" in it! Nyahahaha...

I wouldn't be surprised too that on the 22nd of February, Academy Awards: The Oscars, will name this their Best Film of the year. It was the first time I watched a Bollywood movie and I was surprised they could make a film this good. I don't mean Indians are incapable of doing such. What I meant was, a movie touching child abuse/labor, discrimination, poverty, prostitution and sibling betrayals with out over powering the main "theme" of the story which is "love - destiny". Incorporating it to the show, "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" is also a brilliant and unique idea.

Not to make this entry long, "Slumdog Millionaire" is a well written powerful movie. Quoting one of YouTubes commenter he/she said, "One of the best movies I have ever seen...and trust me, I have seen tons of movies!"


firefly in july

I have a copy but cant find the time to see it yet. Maybe this weekend, when work wont get in the way.

There's alot of good bollywood movies. Well, there's the unavoidable musical scenes in most, but they dont diminish the quality of the film.

I liked Monsoon Wedding, but with so many raves for Slumdog, it wont be my favorite bolly-movie for long.


Please do watch it soonest and tell me what you think about it. There's no musical scene "with in" the movie (you'll know why I quote and unquote with in).

Know what, there are also a lot of good Pinoy actors and actresses. But, why can't we make films that can compete with Bolly-movies' caliber? You think a good story line is what we lack?

I'll try to find a copy of that Monsoon Wedding, I've read a blog somewhere praising this film.

ms buguias

I got kinda curious about this movie too...although I didn't get the chance to watch it are right,we have lots of talented pinoy movie stars, yet it seems that we can't produce movies of such caliber...I guess we need new talents in directing and movie mixing to replace those from the old school...(ngata?)


Ciao Insan,

Director makes a big difference. This film is directed by Danny Boyle and all other people behind this movie are not Indians. Like Izma, Please come back and tell me what you think after watching it.


firefly in july

Lovelyn, Im back! Just finished watching the movie.... and the story is more than wonderful. It was beautifully written and wittingly incorporated into the game show. I thought it was the typical storyline - poor boy travels to the big city joins a game show wins big then lives happily ever after with his childhood sweetheart. Hindi pala.

But I must say, the little children played their roles better than their older counterparts. They had more depth to their acting, mas may emotions. Well... in my opinion lang naman. I was particularly moved by the scene where the street kid was blinded to make him a better beggar. Naiyak ako! Mainly because I was taken by surprise. Wala sa isip ko na kaya pala sya tinuturuang kumanta ng maayos para bulagin sya. OMG!

But you know, I will not under estimate our pinoy films. There are alot with good stories and superb acting, only that they weren't given the kind of exposure that Slumdog got. This one's got a hold on Hollywood - the director, producer...

Well, this has gotten too long... hehehe. But I really enjoyed the movie! Ganda.


I did watch the first part of it last month but i didn't continue coz the site where they uploaded this movie was not good but i'm sure with all the positive reviews and critics,this movie is really great.I've watched the Curious Case of Benjamin Button instead(haha,sorry i really couldn't resist Brad)


Ciao Izma,

True, mas magaling yung performance nung mga bata. Ang galeng ng film nu? I'm glad you liked it.

Yeah, that bulag part. It was shocking! Some Indians protested for this film to be released daw. They said its sending a wrong message on what their country is really all about.

Let's just hope this will inspire Pinoy film makers and will help them hone their craft. Kaya nila, kaya din natin kuma kunaen da.

Ciao Matsay,

Ahh you mean my EX Braddy? Oh we still keep "the bond" - even if he has Angelina and I have my 3 Igorot boys nyahahaha....

Try to watch it again. Naiiba piman. I still have to watch that of Brad's pero'.


Most movies I watched weekly (maximum of six - used to be four a day!), are those rated close to four based on a five star ratings and comments by viewers.

The YouTube viewer's comment is good enough for me to rent the video soon when it's available.



I'm having second thoughts on watching this movie. The first thought in my mind was the actors/actress in this movie. Isn't it a fact that Indians to this day practice some sort of social segragation, a caste system with the rich on top and the illtreated poor (untouchables)

Reading the actress bio it seems she's from a middle or maybe wealthy family. There was also gossip that those young slum kids never really got paid.

I guess the director never thought the movie would blow up and become so liked by many. Only then did they reimburse those poor kids by buying them homes or whatever and a nice suit to the awards.

So did they make a movie exploiting these little kids?

KJ talaga ako no hahaha


Ciao Jane the 2nd(lol),

I'll take what you said about India's social status. Tamad akong mag-google for now hehehe.Maybe tonight.

As of the last time I watched it at CNN, parents said no house yet. I hope they'll really build them. They may be exploited but at least they got something out of it.

Galing ah, oo nga no, maybe the director didn't expect this huge success. Nywaz, I really-really hope the kids would be compensated well, its sad to think they were only given false hope. But in a way, no houses or there will be, the experience will teach - I hope it will help them succeed though.

PS...the second comment really made me laugh. Sika nga talaga, Abbob will have a blast if I'll tell him this but I will not hahaha...

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