Monday, 9 February 2009


Here's an inspiring video I saw from my email yesterday. It was sent by Angel Network. I can't remember how I came to subscribe "Inspirational Newsletters" from them . But, I know why I did. I love this work of theirs: Interview With God (Original). I can't directly post the video here, embedding was disabled, so please click the link. I hope you'll find time to watch both videos. Its really good!



Someone forwarded this to me a while back, I deleted it after watching. It's just depressing.
You just have to admire his will power to live and enjoy life.


Ciao TruBlue,

We had a classmate back in high school who was born like Nick. She paints, active in class and very out going. She had American foster parents who got her to the states an spent for his artificial arms and legs. Then she went back to the Philippines where she graduated high school with us. Don't know what happen to her when we got to college.

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