Friday, 13 February 2009

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Jane 101

Happy V-day Lovelyn and of course Happy BIRTHDAY! Here's wishing you more love, blessings and good health! God bless you today and always!


Grazie Jane!

Happy Hearts Day to you too! Cheers!


This is one holiday I no longer care. My TP always loves and cares for me even though she always seem to think I have another wife somewhere, hehe.....
Hmmm, on second thought, maybe I should go home and find that someone.

Happy Hearts Day to you and hubby and the kids. Cheers and goodhealth.


Thanks TruBlue!

At least TP loves and cares for for you regardless.....hehehe....

This day can't just pass like any ordinary day for us. Or else I'll go on strike lol. Its double special, I guess.

firefly in july

Hola Lovelyn. It's a late greeting but better than never! hehehe I've been busy with my own celebration. :)

Happy Hearts Day and Happy Birthday!

Ikaw pala si Valentina! :))

Wishing you more happiness this year and the years to come.


Oooh yeah! you were born on the 14th. Hmmmm, don't know anyone else born on hearts day. Cheers to you and goodhealth as always.


Thanks TruBlue...Cheers!

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