Friday, 6 February 2009


Consideration to others is teacher Julie's topic this week. She took this photo while waiting for her turn to order in one of the well known fast-food in the Philippines.

What would you do if you see this in a restaurant?

Nothing, I guess, though I agree with Teacher Julie that its not proper to put shoes where food is served. She's also right when she pointed out to be considerate because what may be accepted to you might not be accepted to others.

But for me, as we speak of consideration, I will put this behind. The person who left those shoes on the counter might be preoccupied with a lot of things and she didn't mean to be that rude. She might even have her toddler throwing tantrums back on their table and she wasn't fully aware of what she did. Another is, she/he may not be as lucky as most of us who had a home to teach us good manners and and right conduct.

As my Dad always says, "You, who knows better between what's right and what's wrong, patience and understanding is much expected". He's right, it would even spare me from wrinkles and a ruined day. Then Daddy would add, "Sig-am a mas maka-aw-awat, pasensya-am laengen. Malaksed a nu idadanes tan saktan daka physically a ket naapil la ngo iman. Tama-am met ah!"(lol)....(Because you do understand, have patience to those who don't. But if they're to beat you, that's different, give them your best shot, punch 'em(hehehe, I don't really know the best translation for the last sentence but this sounds more like it)!



It's a baby girl's shoes I reckon, so it really is no harm. The parent's or sitter just forgot about it.

It makes a difference if it was a man's dirty shoes with socks in it, hmmmm, imagine the aroma of a different kind.


Wen ngarud enya hahaha!

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