Friday, 13 February 2009


Teacher Julie's question for Valentines Day goes:

That's a hard question because every time I liked the film I just saw, it would become my favorite hahaha... The problem of remembering too which movie I've already watched makes it difficult for me to place which one is my best. Nevertheless, here are some of the romantic films I remember I loved watching.

My Best Friend s Wedding - not that its a good film but its because its the first movie I watched with my husband.

That's how far my memory could get me. I have probably miss the best ones.



the movies the emasculate men. Ayayay. Happy birthday


LOL, Since time was created, women dominates everything hahahaha.....seriously....

Thanks and Happy Hearts Day to you too and the wifey!


actually if it wasn't for EVE a woman who ate from the forbidden durian tree then maybe just maybe we would still be in paradise running around nude


These are wonderful movies :) Re My Best Friend's Wedding, this made me cry realizing how some women know when to let go and I hope some wold learn to do that too :)

HVD! Hope your day was lovingly spent with your loved ones :)


Ciao Rubba,

Hail Eve, she gave confidence to the inferior stretch marks, bulges and sagging parts hahaha....

Ciao Teacher Julie,

The part I love most on that film is when Cameron sang(Karaoke bar). She was out of tune but the more his fiancee got knocked of her.

Oh yes, so many who can't let go... I know some...

Thanks, we had a wonderful VHD, my sisters came to join us.


Watched most of the movies you listed but none stand out of my brain other than Titanic, and it wasn't for the lovestory that I remember this flick most - it was a scene where the freaking musicians were still playing the gospel music "rock of ages" while the freaking ship is sinking, hehe....that was the bad part of the movie, to me.

I still like "The Japanese Story". Think I've mentioned a brief preview somewhere in here. Well, only coz of the way the film unfolded - from comedy to drama to tragedy. All along I thought in the very beginning it was funny.


Hahaha I remember those musicians. While watching it, it was quite touching. But looking back at it, its true, that was silly hehehe...

I tried to google the Japanese story.

@ The Japanese Story, was that the story of the photographer who gave his eyes to the girl or the Japanese business man who was sent by his father to the states? Then she met this American girl who on their first meeting made her "driver and kargador"?


Actually she was an Aussie and yes, she (Toni Collette) was his driver and kargador - they eventually got closely attached but tragedy was lurking around.


Ciao TruBlue,

Ah Okay, I'll try to watch the whole film this week if husband could be able to download a copy.

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