Wednesday, 25 February 2009


Just a short post about Lukie when we were watching Obama on the news yesterday. He said, "Mama, Obama e quasi come mia pelle"(Mama, Obama's skin is ALMOST the same as mine). Huh, my son is becoming aware of his color now!



Why most women in the Philippines uses that "skin whitening" pills is just beyond me.

Tell Lukie, with his natural skin is an asset and god knows - he might become Italy's president one day. Cheers to him.

After I told you about the saying "an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure", the following day TB3 was rushed to the emergency room at midnight. His table lamp fell on his nose bridge with a cut. Glad it wasn't his eyes. Keep an eye on your kids, they're worth watching for.


Poor TB3. I hope all is well.

A whitening pill? Soap, pwede pa but a pill, its odd and silly. Knew people who once just gulp lots of meds from pain relievers to dieting pills. Either they're already gone or on dialysis now.

When Lukie was brushing yesterday, I don't know what got into him and he said, "Sono nero?(I am black). I once wrote here that he should really grow up here because his skin well be envied by 'em whites. Unlike in our country, they always ask us why he didn't get our(Boogs and me) complexion.

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