Wednesday, 18 February 2009


Before I go over Lukie's primo pagella (first report/class card), let me tell you first about his drawing. Its his homework today. He is to write words that start with ca, co, cu and is to construct a sentence using some of these words. Write it all in small letters and (optional) draw something out of it.

Well, my son said to his Tita Rowena who baby sat my boys when I went to get his 'Pagella' at school, " I don't know how to draw a dog so I'll just let him go in his house and show only his butt!".... Did you notice it was raining? Cosmo, the dog, must really go in and lie down on his bed. The dog's name is not clear, its written on his plate/bowl. Bravo Lukie!

Btw, Rowena is our kind neighbor who volunteered to look after the kids. She's 6 months pregnant and expecting a baby girl this summer. Rowena insisted to babysit, good thing she did because Dylan has a flu and it might get worst if I take him with me.

'Ottimo' is the highest grade the teachers can give. Its equivalent to 10. Teachers decided NOT to give perfect scores (ottimo) to deseving students on their First Grading. They only do during finals. The highest they could give for now is 'Distinto'(9). Our first grader Lukie got all 9 for Science, Math, Italian, English, Music, Home Room, PE, Social Studies and History. He got 'Bouno'(8) for Religion, Computer and his attitude or behavior in class.

OT: Don't you think that's too much for a first grader? I remember during my time, I only have four: Math, English, Pilipino and PE.

We were to get their Report Card individually. Then we'll have some sort of a "one on one interrogation"(lol) with the teacher.When we were going over my son's grades, Teacher Orietta said 'Bouno'(8) for my son's behavior. I was like, "Oooops, did I get that right?". Then I asked her, "Perche"(why) 8?". She said Lukie would fully participate when he likes the lesson but if he doesn't, he feels sleepy or would be doing other things.

Now I remember one time when Lukie came home and told me he slept in class. I asked why and he said he already knew the lesson and it made him sleep. Ahhihihi.... This is the dilemma, last year, the teachers of 'Materna' asked me if I would want Lukie to be accelerated to Grade one. I hesitated because I thought it would be cruel to make Lukie leave his friends. Now he is getting bored because he is already reading pocket books(no pictures) and into multiplication while his classmates are still learning ca, ce ,ci, co, cu and 1+1.

Only 8 for computer too. I didn't ask the teacher but I think I know why. Would you like to guess 'perche'(why)?


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