Saturday, 26 September 2009


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1. Baby "D", The Explorer





Our little Dylan had his very first day at school last Monday, 14th of September 2009. At two (2) years and nine (9) months old, he and his cousin Noemi are among the youngest to join the class of Materna(a three years preparation for elementary). Still not aware of what 'scoula' is, he was just so happy to be there. With so many kids and toys, we know he thinks its another play for him.

Slept early the night before, a fresh and enthusiastic boy he was the next day, even though he woke up 3 hours earlier than his usual time. Dylan was already in bliss when we first took Lukie to his first day in second grade. Another pretreat for our second baby - the sight of noisy and happy kids with his big brother.

While we were waiting for the gate to open, almost all his classmates were holding on to their moms. Scared of the newness of this adventure and unfamiliarity of the place. But not Dylan, he was there walking around and posing for his Papa's camera. Its not because he was a brave boy but we think he can't understand yet that 'scoooll'(as Dylan says it) will be long hours away from Mama and Papa.

We entered the building and the teacher put on his red name tag. He was a bit puzzled but when I showed him the letters of his name, he didn't mind the red fish tied around his neck anymore. Boogie and I, along with other parents stayed with our babies on their first day. An hour and a half to just play and explore the new place.

When Dylan got to the clays, he tried to eat it. A teacher gave him a handful of blue colored clay and he was about to bite it like a bread before I stopped him. Its good he knew how to use the paint and paint brush. My mistake, I forgot to let him play with clays. Unlike Lukie who had it when he was a year and a half.

There was this sort of Abacus with it's rod complicatedly twirled that you'll have to delicately follow before you can move the beads. It was Dylan's favorite toy, the very first thing he looks for every morning. The teacher said in Italian, "Look how precise and moves the beads perfectly considering his age", when she was observing our son for the first time.

When it was time to go, I took Dylan to his locker and again showed him his name. I told him we have to leave his red fish name tag there and his flag so that he could use it tomorrow. The next day, he first went to the locker and got his red fish and flag, what a clever boy! I think, if I were 2 and 9 months old, I will be confused with the many lockers looking all the same.

It was raining when we went home. Great! No umbrella. Then Papa, Mama and Dylan on the push chair run like mad. Dylan was still smiling while the rain is keeping his eyes close..... "It was sure a fun day!", Dylan would say out loud IF he only could already talk clearly.


1. The whole week went well. Almost all of Dylan's classmate cried and would NOT like to stay.....

2. My sister said that Irven, her husband, saw Dylan going out of their room while the class is going on and a teacher was following him to get him back inside hahaha....

3. I was scared of Dylan wetting his pants. We just started to toilet train him 2 months ago. So far, its been 2 weeks now and he goes home with the same pants.

4. Friday night on his first week, he had a flu, had a fever on Sunday causing him to have a poor appetite until now. He stayed home till Wednesday and back to school Thursday. When I went to get him, he was crying and was relieved to see me. He has a small cut on his lips that had put him in a bad mood till we went home for lunch.

5. In the 3 classes of 'scoula materna'(red, blue and yellow), small kids are mixed up with the big ones. Ages 3 t0 6 with 2 teacher in every room. 26 or 27 children in each class.

6. Dylan's teacher was still in class with the bigger kids who will be dismissed 2 hours later so I wasn't able to ask what happened to Dylan's lips.

7. Friday morning, I was waking up Dylan and telling him he has to go to school. On the bed, still sleepy and eyes squinting, he said, "Ooooch"(meaning - OUCH) while pointing at his chin.

8. We decided that this year, Dylan will just stay at school for 3 hours and a half only. He will not take the school bus and the school lunch too. He still can't follow rules, understand danger and eat well on his own. Till then, we hope to enjoy more Dylan's remaining 'babyhood'. Something that will surely pass swiftly. Just like Lukie who is becoming a "bigger boy" everyday. Oh, you'll just miss their small hands and feet before you'll know it!

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Friday, 11 September 2009


What Lukie just said now or last week, last month or maybe a couple of years ago... I hope to remember them all and will not forget to write even the least profound thought he had and would blurt. We just can't get enough of him now that he is starting to think big or "bigger", like his shoe size, doubling almost every season.

So, Lukie said...

"Mama, why don't you and Papa dance the Tango? Its romantic and the dance of romance(read as rrrrro'mance)!" ..... Not to make you wonder where he picked those lines, his Garfield show taught him that.

"NO! YOU, SHOULD LOOK AFTER HIM!" .... referring to his little brother when the chair (put on the table so Dylan will not climb up) fell on Dylan's head. I went to throw the garbage and I asked Lukie to look after his brother for a bit. I came back and they were both crying while my eldest was massaging Dylan's big bump. Adding salt to the wound of my being irresponsible, I said, "Lukie, I told you to look after him" and I got my answer in big letters.

"The water is cold, e finito il state (summer is finish)"...... Simple and true. This is when my husband called our son to go and have their last swim on the last day of our village pool. Lukie loves the water but he knows when its cold - its cold and its over when its over.

"PAPA, MAY YOU STOP PLEASE!"..... its becoming a pain now hearing my son say this but its more irritating when the Papa doesn't seem to understand what the little boy is asking or sometimes "pleading" for hahaha.

"Mama, you're sexy."..... (I have to LOL here again) .... when I dress up and walk around with my high hills. Makes me laugh for his building definition of sexy - a typical Igorota unblessed with "elevation" hahaha. Oh noo, Lukie, Mama wouldn't mind taller grand-babies, ok?...

"... because its cheaper, its only 70 cents."... He said when we went to buy his school supplies for second grade. I asked why he chose those notebooks over the ones I did with his favorite characters on the cover - its of his animated cartoon show, Dragon Ball Z. Then I can't help but cry, in the middle of the mall, hugging my son, all because - he was right and I was very wrong.

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