Friday, 11 September 2009


What Lukie just said now or last week, last month or maybe a couple of years ago... I hope to remember them all and will not forget to write even the least profound thought he had and would blurt. We just can't get enough of him now that he is starting to think big or "bigger", like his shoe size, doubling almost every season.

So, Lukie said...

"Mama, why don't you and Papa dance the Tango? Its romantic and the dance of romance(read as rrrrro'mance)!" ..... Not to make you wonder where he picked those lines, his Garfield show taught him that.

"NO! YOU, SHOULD LOOK AFTER HIM!" .... referring to his little brother when the chair (put on the table so Dylan will not climb up) fell on Dylan's head. I went to throw the garbage and I asked Lukie to look after his brother for a bit. I came back and they were both crying while my eldest was massaging Dylan's big bump. Adding salt to the wound of my being irresponsible, I said, "Lukie, I told you to look after him" and I got my answer in big letters.

"The water is cold, e finito il state (summer is finish)"...... Simple and true. This is when my husband called our son to go and have their last swim on the last day of our village pool. Lukie loves the water but he knows when its cold - its cold and its over when its over.

"PAPA, MAY YOU STOP PLEASE!"..... its becoming a pain now hearing my son say this but its more irritating when the Papa doesn't seem to understand what the little boy is asking or sometimes "pleading" for hahaha.

"Mama, you're sexy."..... (I have to LOL here again) .... when I dress up and walk around with my high hills. Makes me laugh for his building definition of sexy - a typical Igorota unblessed with "elevation" hahaha. Oh noo, Lukie, Mama wouldn't mind taller grand-babies, ok?...

"... because its cheaper, its only 70 cents."... He said when we went to buy his school supplies for second grade. I asked why he chose those notebooks over the ones I did with his favorite characters on the cover - its of his animated cartoon show, Dragon Ball Z. Then I can't help but cry, in the middle of the mall, hugging my son, all because - he was right and I was very wrong.



I'm a Garfield fan and was a Dragonball Z fan. Good boy, Lukie! :D

Very thoughtful post, Lov--as always. Somehow reminds me of Luke 18:16-17: 16-But Jesus called the children to him and said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. 17-I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it."

We, adults, are very prideful, which keeps us from seeing the truth for what it is--for enjoying the full benefit of its goodness or feeling the pain for its severeness--and at the end of the day, feel the freedom of taking delight in the newness of every moment. Kids laugh and cry, whatever the moment calls for, and then forget the whole thing to move on with great anticipation for what's to come next. In other words, happy or sad, kids are always close to Heaven. It's a blessing we somehow lose on the way to adulthood.


Ciao Hannah,

Hope those animation choices has something to do with having exceptional brains. I would be very much thankful if my son will think, reason out or as intelligent as you.

True, a blessing lost because we allow and sometimes choose it too.

Jane 101

What a very clever son you have Lovelyn! Call those lines "Lukie's words of wisdom" huh!
I wish that in my mind, I can also keep Jade's "quotable lines" like - "Mommy, to spank is not good, ok?", after I scolded her for not going to sleep on time. It made me cry...
Thanks for your touching stories Lovelyn. Keep them coming!

As Hannah has mentioned in FB, I may have the inspiration or should I say, TIME, to blog again once I get back to work LOL!

Jane 101

Hugs and kisses to your sons pala. You know what, I am sure that Dylan will look up to his brother as they grow older together :)


Ciao Jane,

Our kids are actually teaching us, come to think of it. Most of the time, they remind me back what I'm telling them to do and not to do.

I'll cry too if I'll be Jade's mom.

We'll always be here waiting for your writings. We're missing you though.

Yeah Dylan copies everything his big brother does and Lukie hates it sometimes...

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