Tuesday, 31 March 2009


"You've been punked!", that's how they call it now. Or at least for me, who watches the show (sometimes). Happy fooling around folks. Be gentle hehehehe....

Was pranked once, back in fourth year high school. My first and last, which made me mark this day. Juline, a schoolmate, told me I was being asked to report at the guidance office. I thought the new guidance counselor was fed up of me for not liking her. Oh well, being young and inconsiderate, Ma'am Mabutas absorbed my anger towards the leaving of Sir Ren(our school's former guidance counselor). Old story resolved, I was sorry and Ma'am Mabutas understood. I thought I would be grilled for that.

So I went to the office and Ma'am De Leon, our English teacher and Ma'am Mabutas were there. So I've known, I've been fooled. I went back to our classroom and I saw Galo, another classmate of mine. I told him Ma'am Mabutas wants him in her office (yeah, walang(no) originality) and I told him, "halaka, ag-ung-unget pay"(she's angry). He went. Sweet revenge!



lol, happy fool's day..


Ciao Analyse,

Le jour heureux d'idiots à vous aussi! Hehehe... Ain't sure if that's correct.

firefly in july

Hahaha! You can get away with that in high school.

Nga pala, Galo is our neighbor in LT. And Ms Mabutas... did you know that she's already married? I can't pronounce her last name! I dont have any news on Sir Ren. Kumusta ngata sunan....


Ciao Izma,

Wen garud, I wonder where Sir Ren is right now. Married? Kids? I really-really wanna know.

Ma'am Mabutas was with Girls High the last time I saw her. I saw his husband the last time we went home, not sure though if she married the one I'm referring to.

So you're from Buyagan too. Regards to Galo nu makitam suna.


hi Lovelyn,

Nice one! ah high school.

Take care,


Every day should be Fools Day. Recently in Washington State, this fool (more of an idiot!), decided to take his nine year old daughter
in robbing a convenient store. It wasn't even "bring your kids to work" day. Ay apo nga biag, hehe..


Lord CM

Hi Ms. Lovelyn, LordCM po from BCO...napadaan lang, at nakiusyoso...add na rin kita sa blogroll ko :D


Ciao TruBlue,

Tell me about it. In this house, its always a Fool's Day with the "biggest boy". Not a good idea, I'll pass hahaha...

Maybe the robber's babysitter ditched him lolz.... poor kid, was thinking how much will it cost him to pay his therapist someday hehehe...

Ciao CM,

Salamat sa dalaw. Add din kita mamaya, provided, you drop the "Ms". Lovelyn na lang, hwag lang ate ha? hehehe...


Ciao Tina,

Yeah, High School, memories hehehe...

Thanks. Have a nice weekend.

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