Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Let's go back to blogging with Teacher Julie's questions from GreenBucks. Good enough I have these weekly "ask about" to answer weekly, big help when I'm running out of things to write.

If you were to “reinvent yourself” what would you do?

I wouldn't. I love what I had become. It had always been a smooth sail or things had always been easy for me. I never stopped considering myself as one of God's favorites. Cocky as it may sound, but for me, it is true because I do accept what ever comes with optimism, gratitude and laughters. Most of the time, things are far from how I want it to be, but I strive and work in making the best out of it. But if we're talking of weight gain, that's a different story.

Anything that would lead him to say I am dying now. I can't bare to even think how my young kids would live with out a mother. Its a sad and scary thought.



Everything seems ok with the lot of u, except that weight matter, hay... I can definitely relate :D

The thought of not being with my family (lalo na when I'm gone) is not a good thought, yes. It maybe morbid but I think the responsibilities I give to the children now is one way of preparing them for life, not only without me but these they will bring as they grow older (sana mapigil pa yun ano?)

Thanks for the answer and I sure hope everything is fine :)


Q33 - Would have gone a lot further in my first job - arrogance was my downfall. But where I am right now, I wouldn't change anything. Who knows, extreme job fulfillment may have made my life for the worst, hehe..



Ciao Teacher Julie,

One thing good about dying from an illness like cancer, at least you know your life will end soon.

We're all going to die but please not now, its not fair for our kids. They didn't asked to be born and in turn will be forced to grow with out our love and care...

Ciao TruBlue,

Yeah, same as my reasons for not winning the lottery hehehe

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