Saturday, 10 January 2009


I hope Teacher Julie's question this week will help me set goals or "game plans" on how to improve (in every aspect) this year 2009 - Health wise, spending, blogging, mothering etc... Or I'd rather NOT, knowing my fondness of anything jovial that has anything to do with spontaneity, those goals might just be made to rot. I'll just write random "reminders" on what should and must be done this year.

What are you looking forward to in 2009?

1. Toilet training Dylan in preparation for school on September.

2. Enlisting Dylan for 'Scoula Materna'(3 years pre-Grade 1).

3. Lukie's 7th birthday next week.

4. Opening savings account for both kids. Means we need to pay back what we owe them(lol).

5. Blogging on historical sites of Venice (more on studying history...sus!).

6. Less rice intake considering it's price going up hahaha....( I have to include this. It will make my list include "spending and health wise" all together hahaha).

7. That's about it for now, I can't think more on anything to add. See, planning alone is hard for me! Listing 6 is exhausting enough... am I becoming a hopeless case?



Hmmmm...should start training TB3 to putty from now on.

Try brown rice instead of white rice.

My resolution list last year is as good as new, so I will use it again, hehe...and more procrastinations.

Everyone's goal should be, especially those who want to shed some extra weight, just to eat less. I know it's easier said than actually done, but I'll make it a challenge to myself.

Goodluck to your dreams, hehe....just make them come true!


"My resolution list last year is as good as new, so I will use it again"...quotable quote hehehe...

Blame it on this cold weather or better yet, its "comforting" to eat warm rice and soup this gloomy winter hehehe...

Boogie's great-great Lola Sepa lived close or even passed 100 years. He said she eats less and to add all what she eats in a day, its lesser than what we eat in a meal.

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